It really sucks to know that my future husband positively IS an endangered species. I worry for him as he seems to be the most endangered species of late. Shooting after shooting have occurred victimizing black men with no just answer for the death. The media produces the smoke and mirrors to let the poachers of black men go free. They pull the victim's police record or shady history into play in an attempt to justify the killing. This is basically an attempt to say "hey... his past wasn't squeaky clean so maybe he deserved to die". Although I'm sure the men of other races would produce the same results at random, it seems that the black men are the preferred target. They are hunted down like elephants for their ivory tusks. Their essence and affluence are diminished with every new attack.

As soon as the cases develop and a victim is identified, his criminal history is produced along with a picture that will sway the public to believe he was dangerous (no matter the circumstance). In a sense, they are absolutely correct. Any black man with education, goals, and/or a genuine desire to be better is a threat. Why? Because this picture of the black man will turn stereotypes on their head and restore a community once crippled by these stereotypes. It's very risky to allow the black man to become self-aware if you are more interested in keeping the current state of the black community as is. For this reason black men are poached and their value is smeared all across the media as a warning sign to others who may be traveling the path of self awareness."You will be killed and slandered if you do not submit to the life chosen for you". This, my friends... is the sad truth and it is unacceptable. Let us stop letting black men be posted in living rooms across America like trophy taxidermy. Enough is enough!

Even animals have groups vehemently fighting for their existence. Where is the disconnect for black men?

#politics #BlackLivesMatter #shootings #policeshootings

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