Calvin (Pt. 1)

Calvin was perfect--not just by the average female's standards, but by EVERY female's standards.

He seemed too perfect. Of course when he walked into an office space full of data entry clerks (including myself), I wondered about his backstory. Was he in the witness protection program being forced into this meaningless work while he used to be a high fashion model or professional athlete? Who'd he piss off to land in witness protection? Did he have a witness protection family and/or was he trying to create one? Would I be okay marrying someone that was in witness protection knowing I would probably never know their real identity?

Whoa. How did I get to marrying the new guy in 30 seconds? It was definitely a bad habit, but a girl could dream.

Anyway. Mr. Perfect had few words but I noticed him casing the place. He was body checking all the females. He'd already noticed Brittany. It was hard not to. She was ALWAYS inappropriately dressed and she always pretended to be surprised when someone would bring to her attention that she was breaking dress code. Today she wore a deep v-neck with her cleavage shoved nearly to her chin. To match, she had on a pair of tightly fitted "work trousers" accented with 5 inch stilettos. His eyes panned over to Tera-- not much body but she had a pretty face and she was confident. He seemed interested enough. Then his eyes landed on Demi. She was a larger girl-- very quiet. She was no pushover though, and that had been a few people's mistake in the office. She appeared to be timid, but turned combative in the blink of an eye if provoked. He smiled cunningly while his eyes veered away from Demi. He was probably going to make the common mistake of the office and rub Demi the wrong way.

While he was body checking the females, I was doing a little body checking of my own. Calvin seemed to be made for the button down shirt he was wearing. It looked to be Italian to match the slacks hugging him in all the right places. There was no way this over 6 foot tall tank of a man was supposed to be a data entry clerk. I wasn't buying it. Just as my eyes were making their way back up to Calvin's eyes, I realized he'd caught me. Crap! Now I would be labeled the desperate office chick. Ugh! Actually, I guess it wasn't far from the truth, but he wasn't supposed to know that! Embarrassed to a point near death, I shelled up in my cubicle and pretended to be busy for the next few hours.

I made it a point to avert my eyes when someone walked by (just in case it was Calvin) and I ate lunch in my car to avoid common areas completely. I could hear Brittany's guttural laugh floating over the few cubicles that separated us during the day. Maybe she was over there pretending his bad jokes were funny. (I only assumed he told bad jokes. Something had to dispel his perfection) Over time the office got quieter and quieter and Brittany's laughs had faded into silence. I seemed to be the last one left in the office and that was perfectly fine. I took a quick trip to the bathroom so I wouldn't have to suffer any more than usual in the evening traffic. When I returned, there was a sticky note glaring up at me from my desk.


#shortstory #officelove

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