Infidelity is the new trend (Debate: Weigh in below!)

So it's become apparent that the new trend in relationships is to have a sidepiece of some sort. It's been glorified by reality TV, social media, and music for the past few years and it seems to be at an all time high. In my opinion it's out of control. Celebrities (to remain nameless) have recently been getting their sidepieces pregnant while maintaining the appearance of being in a fully commitment relationship (whether it is marriage or engagement). This is a problem! It seems that where cheating and affairs used to be frowned upon and morals were instilled into men to uphold their commitments, we've become accepting of men as cheaters "because it's just their nature". Is it me or have we taken a turn for the absolute worst? How can we expect a prince when frogs are being crowned rampantly? Your thoughts?

#love #infidelity #cheaters #sidepiece

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