Calvin: Drinks (Pt. 2)

This man was way too confident, but I loved it.

How did he know I was going to agree? Really?! So you just leave a note on someone's desk and just know they're going to meet you, huh? That should actually be the first thing I say to him. I'll just kick the date off with a quick flirt and see where it goes from there.

Too bad I looked nothing like "date with a fine man". I had on probably the oldest pair of work slacks I owned and a pretty regular solid black cotton blouse. Unfortunately, any other day I wouldn't have fared any better wardrobe-wise. I thought about my chipped polished on my toenails in my worn "work flats" and I was almost one hundred percent sure my legs had a hint of stubble on them. What the heck was I doing? You never go on a date unless you feel cute or sexy and THIS was the only thing close to a date I'd had in maybe a year. Abort mission!

Everything in me said go home and don't break routine. Sadly my mom would be calling me in exactly 30 minutes. She knew all I did was go straight home, eat a poor excuse of a dinner, and binge watch Netflix until 10 o'clock when I would shower and go to bed. I was ashamed thinking about it, which is why I needed to see this date through. I was pulling up to Claire's already so I convinced myself it was too late to chicken out. I popped a few Mentos in my mouth and smeared on some lipstick. (I always thought it was sexy to leave lip prints on wine glasses.) Too bad it was this ugly plum color and it was actually lipstick my mom left in my car. I was so not prepared for the dating world. Anyway, I'm sure Calvin was waiting and women were already flirting with him.

I walked into Claire's nervously and headed to the bar. As I got closer, I heard a familiar laugh. Brittany. Ugh. Did he invite her too? That was my perfect excuse to leave before he saw me. I did a quick about-face and was headed to the door when someone grabbed my arm.

"Hey chick, we're over here." Tera steered me back toward the bar and I saw Brittany, Calvin, and Demi posted with drinks laughing and chatting. How could I have been so stupid? Of course it was a group outing. I spoke to everyone trying to hide my disappointment and embarrassment. This was just great. I should have gone home. I sat down and ordered something fruity. I wasn't a drinker and I couldn't risk losing control of my tongue with this crew.

After about 20 minutes in, I was feeling a little more comfortable. Or maybe the drink was kicking in. Calvin was warm and inviting, but apparently he'd come to our office to work on "team building". He'd just started his own agency that would basically bring harmony to office environments everywhere. His speech was sprinkled with bad jokes-- as I expected. It didn't stop Brittany from bellowing out fake laughs to keep his attention. I spotted Calvin looking at me again. Crap. Was I zoned out ? I could read his lips asking if I was okay before his voice actually registered to my ears. I figured I'd try out a sexy laugh to combat Brittany. I scrounged for words to respond to him and stumbled, "me? oh... um. Yea! Never better!" Then it happened. I let out the most guttural laugh I had. Unfortunately I was midway through it before I realized I sounded like a moose in heat or some dying large animal. Fail.

Calvin's face was genuinely confused and Demi had a weird smirk on her face as if she knew what I'd attempted to do, but she was holding her laughter because she understood. Brittany just grimaced and I heard my ringtone getting louder from my purse.

I was sure it was my mom calling.

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