Beauty Standards are Ruining Your Relationships (Debate)

With waist trainers, butt injections, breast implants, nose jobs, Botox, fillers, waxing, threading, etc. everybody has the ability to be considered gorgeous for the right amount of money. The vast majority of women aren't stopping with make-up anymore. There's the desire to go above and beyond because the aforementioned list is getting more financially attainable. As more and more women succumb to pressure to be perfect and undergo some procedure of sorts, the "norm" is becoming what used to be celebrity level beauty.

With these new developments, women that never had any self-esteem issues are becoming self-conscious simply because they look "normal". Here's where the problem comes. Once there has been the slightest tampering with your self-worth a seed has been planted that in some way, "you're not good enough". The danger is letting the seed grow. As the seed grows you begin to function differently in your relationship. You become more easily threatened by other females and less trusting of your companion to want ONLY you (because after all look how attractive everyone else is). Some will say I'm reaching but it's definitely a snowball effect. As the proverbial seed grows, so does your crazy or tolerance. There's an issue with all this "growing". If your crazy grows, it creates a wedge between you and your partner and if your tolerance grows you become a doormat for fear of losing companionship. Am I crazy or do I have a point? Sound off in the comment section below!

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