Calvin: The Call (Pt. 3)

I'd never been so happy to receive a prying phone call from my mom.

I fumbled with my phone and caught the call just before she hung up. I nodded at the group as apologetically as I could and started to walk toward the door. They knew I wasn't sorry I "had" to take the call or that I "had" to leave. My mind was racing as I tried to maneuver to the door through a sea of people that seemingly had congregated since I walked in.

I was robotically answering my mom's usual questions. My day was fine. I was having the usual for dinner. I wasn't finished my Netflix series yet, but I was close. I still wore my hair the same way and no I hadn't met a man. Okay, I technically lied about that part, but I wasn't patient enough to explain. She'd wrapped up her usual questions and was rambling about her friends saying something about me-- or maybe they'd asked about me. I wasn't sure and I definitely wasn't listening. I was on autopilot trying to figure out how I would approach any one of my coworkers the next day.

Traffic had gotten terrible in the short amount of time I'd stopped and it looked like there was an accident on the opposite side of the highway. Traffic was backing up on my side of the highway because of rubbernecking. They should make it a traffic offense to rubberneck and hold up traffic. I was even more annoyed.

I tuned back into my mom telling me about a "nice young man" from church. I didn't engage. I fake yawned and wrapped the conversation by claiming I had to read something for a friend. I was almost home and just needed time alone with my thoughts.

I pulled into my driveway clicking the garage button as I slowed the car to a creep. I carefully dodged an old mountain bike and a box of old clothes and came to a full stop. As I was putting the key in the door, it swung open. Corey stood there in his boxers looking sloppy and maybe even a little smelly. Before I could think of a good excuse, he grunted,

"You're late."

I was very late and had forgotten to care until I saw him.

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