Valentine's Day Giveaway

I absolutely loooooooveee Valentine's Day, okay? It's the hopeless romantic in me. Even in those years where I found myself boo-less for the holiday, I still found joy in spoiling myself. I use it as a day to ditch feeling neglected and get pampered (even if I end up pampering myself). I spend most of the other days pampering others, neglecting myself, or both. So, Valentine's Day is the day that I say... "I deserve the world" (okay... maybe just some chocolate covered strawberries and new shoes, but you get the point). Don't get me wrong. I've let some guys really kill the day for me by being SUPER jerks and trying to convince me that it's just any other day, BUT it happens to be the day I choose to celebrate love (partner and self). Suga, never again will a man steal my joy on Valentine's Day! *in my Foxy Cleopatra voice*

... And with that, I'm helping one of you to celebrate with me. I'm giving $50 to a lucky Frenching Frogs member on Valentines Day. It will be the winner's choosing as to how the money is dispersed with options for online giftcards, PayPal, etc. As long as you know it's only $50 either way, we're good! All you have to do is click the Community tab and sign up to be a member. Creating a post will get you 1 additional entry (increasing your chances of winning). Good luck loves and SPREAD THE WORD!

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