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We're letting superficial attractions hold us hostage...

That man that got away with MURDER with you was probably FINE or he had some other physical attribute that you appreciated (wink wink). How many times have you given someone you knew meant you no good a second, third, or fourth chance because you just couldn't resist his... eyes? If you've been strong enough not to succumb to this weakness, it's safe to assume you've seen it. The question is, why can't we get out of our own way and get what we deserve instead of settling for what only LOOKS good?

It's definitely worth taking a look to analyze if it's possible to overcome this weakness and find true happiness.

Too often we're attracted to swag and appearance, but there's danger in letting that guide us. With those leading criteria you tend to be attracted to masters in the art of finessing. They know exactly how they are supposed to look and what they are supposed to say, but being emotionally responsible for someone else is a different language for them. ...and guess what? They're not investing in Rosetta Stone because you'll adjust to them. See the problem? Our senses hook onto physicality before we even bother to know the real deal. We're all vain to an extent, but when the price of vanity becomes our happiness, we have to adjust (even if it takes baby steps).

Now, I know some of you are reading like "...but wait. What about the ugly guy that dogged me?" You probably still had the wrong approach. Just because he's ugly doesn't mean he'll be forever grateful and loyal to you for "giving an ugly brother a chance". (Side note: A lot of ugly guys don't think/know they're ugly because they have "swag")

We must put quality over appearance as much as possible. I'm not telling you to be with someone who obviously doesn't care about their appearance, but ease up on the pressure! If he's presentable and takes care of himself, be more open. Make an effort to be attracted to a man's spirit and energy before anything else.

Now, come back to me with progress reports and not horror stories about "ugly swaggers"! 😘

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