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Lemonade and Similac...

I'm choosing my words wisely so I won't have to hide out in a doom's day bunker from the Beyhive 🐝🐝. With that said...

When Beyonce dropped Lemonade, we all connected with her for baring her relationship so openly and earnestly. We were Beyonce in those lyrics. We relived our own past infidelity hurts and in some cases we confronted current infidelity. We got strength from the poetry, rhythms, and sense of community amongst women that it created. At the end of it all, we forgave because we were shown forgiveness can be beautiful.

Today, Beyonce announced that she is pregnant with twins and the hive went up. Things apparently improved with her husband, Jay-Z, and I couldn't be happier for them! The twins came as a blessing on the heels of what could have been a separation.

Ladies, here's where we have to stop being Beyonce. Unless we have the same circumstances, we can't be out here bringing children into a messy situation. (I know, I know... it's inspiring and cute, but not on everybody. Let's let her be pregnant by herself.)

It seems to be a common trend that once you go through turmoil with your partner, that serves as a wake up call to a lot of things-- including your reproductive abilities. (Trust, I'm not judging because I'm right here with you!) Is it that you subconsciously try to form a solidified attachment for fear of losing them or is it calculated? Am I reaching or have we seen this trend? Let me know in the comments below!

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