Dating: Getting Approached by Just Standing Up

No one knew the anxiety I felt just thinking about interaction with a new potential weirdo or love of my life. There's so much gray area in the dating scene, it's not even funny. Am I what he's looking for? Is he what I'm looking for? Do I look approachable? Is my body language killing any good vibe a man may be getting from me?

When I saw the Frenching Frogs "Approachable, I Promise" tee, I knew it would take ALL the guesswork out of the situation. If a guy sees me wearing the shirt and he's interested, he'll most definitely approach, right? I would just need to stand at an angle that allows him to see my cute shape and t-shirt and presto... He'll start conversation and we'll see where it goes from there. I bought the shirt off of that logic and almost bought another one, but figured I'd see how I fared with the first one.

Well, soon after, my friend invited me out to a lounge for drinks (like concerned friends do in hopes of you meeting someone date-worthy). This time I was prepared. I accessorized my newly purchased, form fitting, t-shirt with a blazer, jeans, and heels. I threw on a chunky necklace and a matching bracelet and I was ready. My friend was actually impressed at my forward thinking and she wanted a shirt too (look who beat her to the punch)! Anyway we got in the lounge and started having drinks. The regular lights were low and they'd turned on the fluorescent lighting around the dance floor. I danced a little and did a few rounds around the perimeter. Once I posted back in my little corner I saw him... reading my shirt from a distance. He was definitely attractive although he was squinting to read. He started to walk closer to me with a smile on his face. Once he got in front of me I was returning his smile (not because I was turning on the charm, but because the shirt had worked). He leaned in closer toward my ear and semi-yelled (the music was loud),

"Approachable, eh?"

I giggle and whisper/yelled back,


The above scenario is fictional but that was my thinking behind the designs of the IceBreaker Collection. We've had several discussions where we talked about how, in general, women want to be traditionally approached, but are willing to do some minor form of initiating. Here's a perfect way to accomplish just that. I designed 3 conversation starter tees that will definitely "break the ice for you". Check out the collection and other designs here! There are definitely more designs to come. Let me know your thoughts!

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