An Anniversary, a Giveaway, & New Developments

When I opened my laptop and started to type my first post (found here)*, I needed an outlet. A friend had been begging me for years to start back writing and I finally obliged. I was "rusty" and in need of good subject matter. I needed to write about something I cared about in order to be consistent. I'd written short stories, songs, poems... you name it. This needed to be something to connect me with my readers. I finally settled on dating, but not just dating in general. I needed to be the voice for women who'd gone past their better judgment, allowed love to "drive the bus" (uninhibited) and ended up emotionally scarred. I wanted to be the one to talk these women off the ledge of losing hope in love. Why? I'm a hopeless romantic and believe that everybody has a soulmate. I also love "fixing" broken hearts because of that. Life has caused me to regenerate my heart a few times over and it became important for me to help others mend their own broken hearts and find happiness. Frenching Frogs was born to stop women from kissing frogs indefinitely and lead them closer to their prince.This first year has been special and extremely gratifying. I appreciate all of your feedback about how I'm touching your lives in a positive way and encouraging you. That has been my mission from day one.

With that being said, for the first anniversary of the site, I am giving away a massage and a Frenching Frogs logo tee. Actually, it's a $75 gift card for Massage Envy to be used however the winner sees fit. I've made it a point to encourage self-love and pampering. This is the perfect gift to achieve that. The shirt is just an added bonus AND a connection to your favorite blog, right? You have until July 30 to enter by following @frenchingfrogs on Instagram and signing up for the site's newsletter. If you're already doing both, just share the giveaway announcement on Instagram and tag @frenchingfrogs. (Good luck!)

Speaking of shirts... for the first anniversary, I wanted to introduce another element to the site. I introduced my newly developed IceBreaker Collection t-shirt line along with logo tees, and a mother/son matching tee combo. I've really enjoyed designing the shirts (more designs to come) and look forward to seeing pictures of you guys wearing them. *hint hint*

Thank you for a very special and fulfilling year and I look forward to many years to come. Drop me a line about anything you want me to know in the comments!

*I started creating content months before I launched the site, hence the date prior to my actual site anniversary of July 17.

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