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Avoid These 5 Places on Valentine's Day if You're Single

Not everybody is on the receiving end of gifts and lovie dovie gestures on Valentine’s Day. It’s actually nicknamed Single’s Awareness Day because of how left out single individuals can be made to feel on the special day. ☹ It’s the day that singles are made painfully aware of their lack of companionship. There’s nothing like coworkers and classmates gushing over extravagant gifts and proposals to remind you just how much of that you DON’T have. Even individuals who are super secure in their singlehood can be made to feel a pang of loneliness on this day. If you’d rather not face the constant reminders throughout the day, here’s a list of some places you should probably avoid like the plague on Valentine’s Day (for the sake of keeping your mood upbeat).

  1. Restaurants- This is a no-brainer. Everybody goes out to breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Valentine’s day. Any restaurant worth the time of day will be booked and/or giving super long wait times. If you have a hankering for a sit-down meal on this day, just cook (unless you want to be inundated by PDA, balloons, and exaggerated gasps from excited lovers).

  2. The mail room in your office building- There’s no need for you to go there and fight your way around the balloons and Edible Arrangements crammed into the space. Stay at your desk and take an alternate route to get there if need be. Every office building mailroom will be working out the logistics of delivering flowers, balloons, and treats in a timely fashion all day. Getting extra supplies and/or sending off non-urgent packages can wait.

  3. The mall- It’s so cliché for couples to go shopping on Valentine’s Day and if you’re trying to get in a little “retail therapy” on this day, forget about it. Victoria’s Secret and every “girlie” store will be at capacity with last minute shoppers and couple’s collaborating on gifts. You’re bound to be surrounded and maybe even annoyed by the crowds.

  4. The beach/park- Another Valentine’s day cliché is the romantic picnic. If you happen to decide you want to hit the beach or the park for a good run to clear your mind, think again. You may just be inundated with couples snuggled up on blankets, eating a candlelight dinner. Unless you’re interested in watching couples feed each other chocolate covered strawberries, avoid obvious picnic locations.

  5. Bars- Jerks actively scout bars for the “lonely single girl” on Valentine’s Day in hopes that their odds for having sex will be greater in her vulnerable state. Of course, you can handle yourself in the situation, but it’s a little annoying to feel like a target and have to answer questions about why you’re single when you’re so attractive.

Nobody is asking you to fake smile your way through the day, love. Actually, if you want to be a scrooge about Valentine’s Day, it’s totally understandable. I’m just letting you know that if that’s the case, you have to avoid these places wholeheartedly for your sanity. The library actually may be a safe haven if you HAVE to get out of the house and be around people who aren’t gushing love song lyrics. Enjoy your day and know that the couples aren’t intentionally throwing their love in your face.

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