Don't Go on a Date With Yellow Teeth!

So... I'm always posting first date fashion on Instagram, but I never really talk about other date night prep aspects. Obviously, looks play a large part in the date process, but for me, when I feel attractive it gives me a level of confidence that helps me be more engaging on the date. One aspect of this is my smile. While I can’t fix the fact that it’s naturally one sided and goofy, I want it to be as white as possible. I love a man with a nice, white smile and I expect most people have the same sentiment. If you can help it, you never want to go out with someone the first time with a coffee stained, yellowish smile... NOT CUTE! 

I'd been researching whitening processes (after seeing the tissue test on one of those whitening tooth paste commercials) and I'd determined that I would probably have to get my teeth professionally whitened at the dentist. Of course, I was shying away from that cost (because it's a purely cosmetic procedure), but I REALLY wanted to get my teeth as white as a piece of tissue. I knew whitening toothpaste just wouldn’t cut it. However, I tucked the thought away until my friends at Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try their process and review it. There was apprehension at the thought of posting close up before and after shots of my teeth (because I love you guys, but didn't want you all up in my mouth <-- yes I said it like that). After slight resistance, I was in, and I'm going to share with you my candid experience with Smile Brilliant. Please note, I was not paid for this review. I received the kit free of charge to give my opinion to you guys. Btw,this post contains affiliate links. Here's how it went.

Making Molds

I received the kit in the mail and the nerd in me was excited like I was about to-do a science project. I couldn’t wait to get started. The first step was making my molds. I followed the instructions and rolled the putty to make my molds. The instructions were pretty self-explanatory, but of course you always get the feeling that you may be “messing something up”. I successfully made my molds and sent them back to the headquarters in the padded envelope they provided in the kit.


The good news is I didn’t have long to wait (about a week) before they sent my personalized whitening trays back! Excited and ready to complete my first whitening session I opened my personal tray case and the germaphobe in me decided to heat water in a tea cup to dip my trays. (WRONG MOVE!) As soon as I dipped the trays in the water, they melted. I was crushed and felt like an idiot. My phobia of germs made me ruin my trays. I reached out to my contact and she was more than willing to send a new set of trays because the lab still had my molds (thank God).


When I got my new trays, I was back in business! I tried my first session the night I got my trays. (It’s better to whiten at night because there’s a period where you can’t eat/drink afterward.) The trays felt a little weird in my mouth, but not uncomfortable (think mouth guard). I whitened for 45 minutes the first time (as this is the minimum time, but the safest for the first time whitening). When I took the trays out, I immediately saw the places on my teeth where the gel had been sitting. I hadn’t used enough gel. Ugh! I used the desensitizing gel for 15 minutes to reset my teeth from the whitening process overnight. I was a little afraid that my teeth would be 2 toned until I whitened again but the contrast settled overnight and my teeth just looked whiter when I woke up in the morning. Please note that it’s totally safe to whiten every 24 hours, but I was less consistent because of my crazy night owl schedule. It was more of a hassle for me to try whitening for an hour after getting ready for bed (I typically go to bed around 12:30am). This would push my time back substantially to at least 1:30. People with normal schedules wouldn’t have this problem.


As I whitened, I got better at it with each new session and I could see the difference in my teeth! (see the comparison photo below >> top=before, below=after). I’m actually so happy I was given this opportunity and have already been recommending the process to friends and family. Now the good news is, I have a discount code to share with you so you too can whiten for an impressive first date. (see the code and information below). I’ll definitely be whitening as “a thing” now. I want to keep my smile in tip top shape. All I have to do is replenish my whitening gel and desensitizing gel as needed.

Here's your chance to whiten along with me! If you shop on, use the code below!

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If you want a $149 credit for Smile Brilliant (perfect for receiving the kit I used) sign up for the giveaway here.

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