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Can you Afford to Date?

I remember panicking right after I agreed to a date a few times in the past—not because I was nervous about the chemistry, but because I had to prepare. When I say prepare, I mean get as cute as possible. No one goes on a date without prepping… and guess what? Prepping costs money! While some guys may be gentlemen and pick up the tab for the date, the prep work can cost a small fortune for us women if we aren’t careful. Here are ways to cut back on the bill when you’ve got a hot date you can’t decline.

  1. Get creative in your closet. Usually I’m tempted to go buy an outfit for a date or special occasion because I never feel like I have anything to wear. Lately, I started reimagining my pieces and trying unlikely combos. You’ll be surprised at some of the really cute outfits you can create by just pairing your clothes differently. Mix colors, prints, and textures. Just be sure to try it on long before the time of the date. That way, if you have any wardrobe malfunctions or if it just doesn’t work, you have time to change it. (You can actually check out my First Date Fashion Friday posts on Instagram for inspiration)

  2. Keep your hair simple. You don’t have to go get some expensive sew-in or salon style. I’m always watching a YouTube tutorial for new/easy hair styles. Utilize your resources and if you’re pretty crafty, DIY is the way to go here. If you’re just terrible in this department, try having a crafty friend help you out. This will save you significant money on the beauty bill.

  3. Suggest according to your budget. If he asks you to suggest a location for the date, don’t try to be extra and suggest the most upscale restaurant you can imagine. While it may cost him money, it will also end up costing you more in the prep department too. You can’t go to an upscale restaurant without dressing the part. So, you will end up having to spend more money on your “upscale” outfit and hair than you would on a fun laid-back date. Make closet friendly suggestions. If you’re sportier and your closet shows it, suggest an active date (like indoor skydiving or rock climbing). It would be a win for you because you don’t have to spend money on a new outfit and sporty girls always have cute active wear. Just dress it up a bit.

  4. Use Groupon. You’re never too good for Groupon! (and no this is not an affiliate post and they aren’t paying me to say this) If the burden of the date cost/planning is on you, Groupon can cut the cost in half (if not more). Why not pay half the price to get the same experience? Here’s a tip for those that want to get out more (to meet potential partners). Groupon has live events in the Things to Do section. Treat yourself and meet yourself a good candidate! >> (I thought that line was pretty cute.)

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to date if you’re creative. It may just take a little more effort on your part and effective planning skills. To answer the overall question… yes, you can afford to date. You can also date without looking or being too frugal. Don’t let the cost of date night prep deter you from dating (or going out alone for that matter)! You could be decreasing your chances of connecting with Mr. Right!

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