A Valentine's Day Gift Your Man will Love!

So... My guy is a “watch snob”.

He'll probably say he isn't, BUT he's soooooo picky about the watches he chooses to buy/wear. He’s researched several brands and he definitely has his favorite picks. Since noticing his diligent research, I haven’t wanted to try buying him a watch at all! I felt like I would mess up and buy him something he thought was trash (ugh)! The horror! Given these circumstances, it was a gamble getting him a watch, but I thought these Jord (pronounced Yode) watches were so unique when I saw them! I just had to get him one! What was the verdict? *drum roll*

Let's just say I nailed it with this gift! While I didn’t take advantage of it, I love that there’s an option to engrave your own mushy little message on the back of the watch. In hindsight, I wish I had engraved it. Nevertheless, he loves it (and I’m relieved)! I honestly think he was just as intrigued as I was with the unique look. (It was my first time seeing a wood watch.) Not only is the watch unique, it’s also durable enough to serve as an everyday watch. He was literally working out while wearing the watch! (…and can I just add that he AND the watch looked great while doing it?)

The good news about the watch’s versatility is that while you can dress it down, it’s very easy to dress it up and give it the expensive look he loves for his watches to have. We got dressed and went to a super popular sunset watching spot near our home and his watch was stealing the show! I love it when I really get a gift right!

Now, how does this all benefit you? (because you KNOW I’m always here to give you tips and inside info…) Since it worked out so well as a gift for my guy, I figured you could get the jump on Valentine’s Day and order one for your boo! I never know what to get for my guy on holidays, but since I knocked this one out of the ballpark, I figured I’d share. If you’re like me, you’re probably scrounging for last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas right now. Search no more! This watch is a perfectly romantic gift AND it’s affordable!

The good news is that I partnered with my friends at Jord, and if you follow this link, you could get $100 off of your guy’s watch. (Can we say easy on the pockets?!) Let me know what you think of the watch below and if you want a watch giveaway in the future!

I want $100 off!

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