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However, I also saw that some merchants participated in this event even though the proportion of a single product of 50 yuan+ was not high. Maybe the average price of the order is relatively high, or this Double Eleven plan to focus on high-priced products? (2) Over 200 minus 20 And this is actually equivalent to 10% off; Bulk SMS Service generally, most of the merchants participating in this event are priced at less than 50+, and some of the items in my shopping cart require two or three companies to get together to get 200 yuan. The activities of receiving allowances start from November 1st to November 11th. If you only count the allowances that users receive from Taobao every day, they can receive a total of 110 yuan. If users participate in messy activities such as opening a meow shop, the allowance of 200 yuan is It's not difficult at all, let's see how much RMB users need to spend to use up the 200 yuan allowance. If the stores purchased by the user are all participating in the activity of 400 minus 50, they need to buy at least 1600 yuan of goods, and actually pay 1400 yuan to use up the 200 yuan allowance.

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