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Meet Esse D: The Frog Princess

Esse D began blogging about dating and relationships in 2016 on her platform, Her comical, yet very relatable writing style quickly gained her followers that responded to her as if she's the best friend they've never met. She originally studied to be a doctor at Florida State University, but held to her love for writing with her minor in Literature. She uses personal anecdotes, with a splash of fiction, to give platform to lost love ideals and promote self-love. She can be found at any given time, championing hopeless romanticism, while being bluntly honest.

What is Frenching Frogs About?

We've all fallen victim to that frog that we thought was destined for royalty after one kiss, right? Some of us kiss the frog and when he doesn't turn into a prince, we move on. Then there are others of us that keep kissing the same frog in hopes that the next kiss will "do the trick". Either way with every new kiss that doesn't reveal our princes we end up frenching frogs indefinitely. 

This blog traces the rollercoaster ride from every girl's point of view. There will be new posts frequently. There will be some "think pieces" and there will be humorous ones. Sometimes all you can do is laugh at a situation, right? Either way, the goal is for the reading to be relatable and therapeutic.


Feel free to submit scenarios for new posts via the contact form if you don't see a post with which you can relate. My goal is to get us all through the ups and downs of frenching frogs and eventually celebrate the prince that finally finds his patient princess. 

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