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Jan 20, 2017

Honey please!!


Breaking up is hard to do but sometimes it's for the best. My last breakup was much needed. I felt we rushed into things way too fast an I was right..it ended faster then it began because he didn't want to take time to get to know me properly. In the end I was the only one putting forth any effort while his was very minimal and of course you know that communication played a huge role in the break up. The point is, follow those intuitions ladies. It'll save you time, money and peace of mind. And learn to LIKE a person just n general, b4 u so call love them. Cuz u can love just about anyone....but do u really like them as a person? Think about it.

Signed, Still kissin frogs đź’š

Jan 21, 2017

Yes! I am ALL the way with you on this. It takes Incredible Hulk strength not to jump in head first some times and by the time you realize it was a bad idea, it's too late. At that point you see EVERYTHING you were blind to in the beginning. You're right, you can love just about anybody, but it takes something to actually like them. Thanks for posting love!

Jan 28, 2017

I can't stand when they get comfortable and think they don't have to do nothin no more boy bye!

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  • This is kind of like part 2 from my hookup story. Me and the manager I hooked up with decided to try to be more than just fuck buddies. Bad move on my part but he was pushing the issue for whatever reason. Since we worked together that wasn't good because I saw him too much and I already knew the other girls at my job wanted him. On top of all this we had to keep our relationship a secret so he wouldnt seem unprofessional. I just got tired of tiptoeing and pretending like I didn't want to slap one of my coworkers when they flirted with him. I told him we shouldn't have tried to make it work as a relationship right before I got another job. I left and he's probably still hooking up with the sales girls lol.