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9 of the Best Dates You Could Take YOURSELF On

You may think that taking yourself out on a date means you're a total loser. This couldn't be further from the truth!

This may actually be an indicator for “readiness to date” (date someone else, that is). Someone who can "date" themselves and not rely on someone else for validation is someone who's secure in who they are. Why is this important? Someone who's secure in who they are is someone that will function properly when they DO get into a relationship. If you aren't on that level yet, no worries! I've compiled a list of 9 of the best dates you can take YOURSELF on to get started on your journey.


This is probably cliché and most likely a no-brainer, but I swear by massages and spa days as a form of pampering. I’m always gifting these to people that may not be the best at pampering themselves (including you guys in the giveaways). Thus, it’s my FIRST suggestion on this list of dates on which to take yourself. Don’t wait on someone else to spoil you. Know your worth and spoil yourself first. Anyone else that comes into the picture will have take your lead and follow suit (or they’ll have to get lost).


Another of my favorite forms of relaxation is taking long run/walks near water. When I didn’t live near the beach, I would run around a lake to unwind after stressful days at work. This can do wonders for stress management.


Take time to learn something new while exploring a museum. There are ALL types of museums. So, don’t automatically think of boring artifacts when you hear the word museum. There’s actually a Museum of Ice Cream in Miami! (Don’t worry, you can find other locations for this tasty learning adventure here.)


If you’re like me, music and food heal your soul. Not only do they heal me, but they put me in a good creative space. A music or food festival would be the perfect place to blend in and experience new things. You can try new foods without judgment and maybe even discover a new genre of music you can appreciate. These are perfect places for self-discovery AND it’s not awkward to be alone in these spaces.


This one may be up for a debate. I’ve gone to the movies alone a few times and it wasn’t really awkward for me. It’s dark and the theater is full of people. Nobody knows you’re alone (if that’s what you care about). This date is the perfect time to see that guilty pleasure movie that you may not care about seeing with someone else. (So what if you’re 31 and want to see the Incredibles?) If it’s just too awkward for you to go see a movie alone, try a drive-in movie. You get the experience without the pressure of coming too far out of your “personal space”. No one will notice you’re in your car alone.


I looooovee turning on a random playlist and driving while reminiscing to music. This is the BEST date for me (with or without someone else). I get in the zone and just enjoy the solitude when I’m alone. You can spend this time dreaming of your next business move or daydreaming about your future. The possibilities are limitless.


There’s a saying that claims you find a job easiest when you’re not liking. I apply this philosophy to special event outfits. In my quest to pamper myself I’ve shopped for outfits for potential events and guess what?... I actually found stuff I wanted to buy! I find the best stuff when I’m not REALLY looking! I guess it's something about the lack of pressure during those shopping trips.


So you know that new amazing looking hotel in your city (or nearby) that you were always curious about? …go book a night and live it up! Am I the only one that considers this a cool idea? You haven’t visited every nook and cranny of your city or nearby surroundings, so make it a night (or a few days). Explore and relax a bit in new environment. You may not be able to get away completely, but this is a cute/fun alternative.


This can literally be any class you’ve been dying to take. I’ve been meaning to take at least one cooking class for the past year or so. This may end up being a date I take myself on because I’m trying to be like Ratatouille in the kitchen! Other options are a sewing or painting class. Just have fun with whatever class you chose.

Time alone doesn’t have to be boring or lonely. Use these 9 dates to get to know yourself better and/or pamper yourself. Remember, others will treat you how they see you treating yourself. Be kind to yourself and practice self-love.

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