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Perfect First Date/Date Night Looks

So in this previous post about First Impressions Hacks, I have the first hack to make a good impression listed as your attire. This is a common struggle among women that are consistently on the dating scene and those who haven't been on the scene in a while. We ALL don't know what to wear sometimes (ESPECIALLY on a first date). I put a little more thought into it and compiled good examples of first date (or even date night) looks in this Pinterest Board.

Here's the thing, I'm no fashion expert. So, I've made this Pinterest board into a collaborative board and want you all to contribute looks that you think are first date/ date night worthy. I know there are some undercover stylists out there that are dying to make suggestions. All I ask is that we try to include ALL body types and if you have outfit hacks for specific "problem" areas (fluffy midsections, skinny legs, etc.), SHARE SHARE SHARE! Follow the board so I can give you collaborator access and start pinning ladies. Team work makes the dream work!

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