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4 Ways Prince Harry is Getting it Right with His Wife

Disclaimer: From the outside looking in, we can never really make assumptions about relationships with full certainty. (This is why I never say “Couples Goals” with my whole chest or anything of the like.) I CAN appreciate actions I see in a relationship and not just lip service.

Everybody is still trying to pick their jaws up after last night’s Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah. Media outlets teased bombshells during the week leading to the interview, but the “tea” they spilled and the crumpets they crushed… just wasn’t expected. I watched everything unfold, and you know I love my lists. Here are 4 ways Prince Harry seems to be getting it right, with his wife, Meghan.

He understood/understands the situation that she’s in.

While he was royal from birth and knows the ropes of how kind or unkind the British media can be, he seems to have placed himself in her shoes to fully understand her experience. Sis was being bullied on another level by the press across the pond and he knew that it wasn’t just the normal amount of scrutiny leveled on the royal family. This was different. He recognized his privilege and tried using it to protect her.

He supported her emotionally.

From my point of view, there was no “toughen up” pep talk or gaslighting in an effort to protect his family. He empathized and went into protect mode. He spoke out publicly and privately to try to rectify the issue (emotional validation at its finest).

He removed her from the situation.

No matter how tough the choice, Harry chose to remove his wife (and himself by proxy) from the situation. This meant putting himself in unfamiliar territory and potentially ostracizing himself from family to make sure she was protected and comfortable in her surroundings. Now, because this situation was extreme, this is the grandest of gestures. (In normal circumstances, I would recommend more of a compromise. There was no room for that here.)

He created a contingency plan.

He made it a point to participate in a large platform interview and address the issues directly. Exposing everyone that was bullying or slandering her. Now, Harry and Meghan have told their story to the world before it can be manipulated against them—or worse.

As previously stated, in no way am I saying Harry is perfect. I can just appreciate a man that takes his vows seriously and fully supports his wife (even when it means making himself uncomfortable). We’ve seen a nice example of for better or worse (and it made me a little warm and fuzzy).

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