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5 Reasons Why The Nationwide Quarantine May NOT be Killing Your Dating Vibe

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Now is the time, sis!

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking “Now is the time for what besides hunkering down and binging shows?” It’s the time to really ENGAGE in online dating. Why? Because everybody is pretty much in the same space of seclusion and we’re all looking for entertainment. You could really start building the foundation for your next relationship RIGHT NOW! Hear me out as I explain why this nationwide quarantine may NOT be killing your dating vibe.

Lower chances of ghosting

I’d say most people ghost someone that they’re just casually texting because life gets busy or maybe just a little more demanding than maintaining a text thread or casual cyber acquaintance. Right now, life is the slowest it’s ever been for a lot of people and they have WAY more time to devote to engaging in conversation. Most of us are just sitting at home longing for human interaction. Take advantage of this!

Higher chances of detailed conversations

You have better conversations when both parties involved are attentive. There’s not much that can be distracting us from making virtual connections right now. The responses will most likely be prompt and detailed because there’s really no reason to be “short”. (I hate it when I’m texting someone and they’re giving one-word answers. Ugh!)

Less likely to get the recreational cheater

Recreational cheaters hang out on online dating sites to get extra attention outside of their “real” relationship. Well, if they’re hunkered down and quarantined in the house with their significant other, there’s less of a chance that they’re lurking on dating sites preying on people that want genuine connections. Is this a guarantee? Of course not! They could be pretending to be crapping or showering while entertaining people on dating sites, BUT they don’t have as much room to sneak around.

People are more honest in the time of crisis

As morbid as it sounds, the closer to death people feel, the more honest people get. It would be no surprise at all of people are keeping it real more often than not these days. (I mean the media makes it seem like we all have one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.) I always appreciate upfront honesty when I’m getting to know a person. Now is your best chance of getting that.

You have more time to be selective

I mean, you literally have all day to peruse and read profiles while in seclusion. There’s no choosing in duress, right now. Take your time! If you see things you consider red flags, you have time to continue checking out profiles or other candidates (depending on where you are in the process).

While it may be a good time to dip your toe into online dating, make sure you’re not ONLY doing it to entertain yourself. Be intentional and things will come to you as they should. Don’t think that quarantine means the death of your social life. It may just be the perfect time to be social in other regards!

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