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Date Ideas for Every Week of Summer

Is it me or do people date more in the summer? Maybe it’s due to summer flings and the need to make a lasting impression on your summer love interest. Or it could be that the weather is friendlier to a broader range of date ideas. Either way I’ve got the list you should keep tucked away in your back pocket for date ideas this summer. After all, you want to make a good impression and be memorable, don’t you? Here are 13 summer date ideas you HAVE to try out!


Ideally, you would want to wait until the sun is starting to go down for this one. Then you won’t be out there in the blazing sun trying to be cute while sweating to death (maybe it’s just me). I prefer overcast days for a beach picnic. The sand won’t feel like a fire pit on your feet and it’ll be more romantic than not watching the waves crash in moderate heat. Either way, this date choice can set the mood in the right circumstances.


One year for the 4th of July, I and a guy friend hopped from cookout to cookout and it was a blast! Disclaimer: We weren’t going to random houses or anything. We were in college at the time and there were several organizational cookouts open to the public. Not only was it a free date, but we got free meals and good music!


Poolside dates are a good way to check out your boo (or potential boo)’s body without coming off as too forward. I was invited to a poolside date once and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m sure it was intentional, but after the date I couldn’t unsee his body (even when he was wearing baggy unflattering clothing).


This only really works if both parties are interested in the team/game. Ladies, don’t plan this date with the expectation that you will “steal the show”. It’s highly unlikely and you may risk creating a conflict over his attention span at the game. If you’re not a fan, scratch this suggestion.


This is one of my favorite summer ideas. While drive-in theaters aren’t EVERYWHERE, if there’s one in your location, it can be fun to take advantage of the idea. Imagine experiencing how our grandparents dated. Also, a drive-in movie allows you to be more personal and conversant. You can't hear enough to say anything in a normal theater.


A friend of mine and her husband have been killing this one and I love the idea. Not only is it a good bonding experience, but it’s great exercise. Get a full-body workout and a date for the price of one! You can't beat that!


Museums are a good place to escape the heat. If you live somewhere like South Florida, this is a must on some days! Enjoy the frigid air conditioning while perusing a gallery or exhibit. Museum exhibits are pretty good for housing conversation starters. (Choose the type of museum wisely) If you typically don’t know what to say or how to keep the conversation going, this can be a life saver.


As much as the heat may deter you, festivals are somewhat of a jackpot in the date department. They offer so many opportunities to get to know your partner a little better. You’ll learn more about their music preferences at a music festival and what they like to eat at food festivals. You’ll also get to see how they interact in large crowds. The other perk about festivals is the photo opportunities. For those of you that can resist having photoshoots wherever you go, this would be a good place to catch some really good candids.


For the adventurous, adrenaline rush seekers… this is a good pick. I’ve had a few theme park dates and it always introduced a new side of my date. Typically, you get to see and laugh (at least I do) at the fear on their face in the rollercoaster photos. This is probably my favorite part about this date. Aside from the fear-stricken photo opps, it just good fun and offers plenty of talk time while waiting to get on rides.


This one is still sitting on my bucket list, but a good date incorporates something you haven’t done before. When you have a new experience with a person, it creates a bond of sorts. I wouldn’t think that most people have already tried parasailing (although I could be wrong). This would be a perfect opportunity to build that bond.


I want to specifically go horseback riding on the beach. (No, it’s not because of the Old Spice commercial.) I find the idea rather romantic. This one should be a pretty good idea (as long as you don’t spook the horse). Water and horsepower don’t match on ANY terrain. Play it smart with this one!


This is where my heart is! I love watching the brave individuals attack classics on karaoke night ANYWHERE. If you’re feeling bold, you can take a stab at a tune or two. The reward is if HE gets into it. However, if neither of you are feeling like superstars, you can just be entertained by the bravery of others.


This is the most low-maintenance date, but I love the idea of it. You don’t need a telescope or fancy equipment. You can simply park in an open field on a clear night, turn on a good playlist, and talk about life. Sometimes this is all I want (the simple things).

Everything doesn’t have to be hustle and bustle or expensive. I think of summer as a time to relax and reconnect with nature. Some of these date ideas offer just that, others provide good opportunities to learn or experience something new with your partner. Either way I’ve given you one idea for every week of summer (totally not planned either). Enjoy!

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