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4 of the Best Date Spots for Introverts

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Going OUT on dates, can be a form of torture for introverts. Enjoying the company of a potential partner and being surrounded by strangers are two different things that seem to collide when it comes to dating. It doesn’t HAVE to be like this. First, let your partner know that you are an introvert so that they may be able to assist in effective date planning. In addition to that, I’ve gathered a list of 4 of the best date spots for introverts. Give these a try!


Well, duh! While this may seem like a no-brainer, it’s not without effort. You can’t just say “let’s hang out at my house” and that’s the end of it. It takes planning and imagination. You can turn your home into a cool space for movie watching or having a romantic dinner. Whatever you do, make sure you put in the maximum amount of effort because it could otherwise come off as a cheap cop-out. If executed correctly, you can satisfy the introvert in you AND show genuine interest in your partner.

Painting class

While it may not be a one on one activity, painting doesn’t require you to make much eye contact. You can focus on your painting, and carry-on a less awkward conversation with your partner. Sometimes eye contact is one of the hardest things too maintain when you’re an introvert on a date with a new person. This lightens the load a bit.

Cooking class

This is similar to the painting class date in that you can focus your eyes on your dish to make conversation a little easier. Food also makes for a better conversation starter (if you’re in the mood to talk). Be sure to occasionally make eye contact (as hard as that may be) so that it doesn’t become super awkward.

Horseback riding

Any date dealing with animals may have the effect that horseback riding has. The focus is on learning a new skill and communicating with an animal. While you are focused on learning to steer a horse and stay balanced, deep conversation comes secondary. This may be a good time to display your sense of humor given the situation.

Private guided tour

This may be a good date for an introvert because someone else is doing the talking (tour guide) and you have the freedom to create sidebar conversations as you please. Maybe something the guide mentions will trigger you to strike up a conversation and maybe it won’t. The good news is, the pressure to make conversation is minimized when you’re on a tour. I would imagine food tours would be perfect for this effect.

These dates may allow you to play a passive role in your date environment, but remember you still need to make an impression on your date somehow. Make sure your painting is amazing or that it expresses a side of you that you would want to share with your partner. Cook an amazing meal or master the art of horseback riding in one lesson (sounds good). You don’t have to be super vocal and outgoing to be in a good relationship. You just have to capitalize on opportunities to showcase your personality in other ways. Try these dates. You just might flourish!

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