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NOT a thinkpiece on Cassie and Diddy

I’ve contemplated returning to regularly posting several times but was NEVER motivated enough to commit. There have been so many celebrity couple topics worth mentioning along with the weird way in which online dating has taken a new face, but… nothing. Silence.

This incident with Cassie and Diddy is worth mentioning for a few reasons. No, this won’t be a long, drawn-out, think piece dragging Diddy for filth (no matter how warranted it may be). It’s more of an indictment on people in general, because somehow amid it all, people have found a way to blame Cassie’s victimhood on… her. Yes, you read it right, they’re blaming Cassie for being abused.

While people cite her “benefits” as the reason Cassie endured the treatment and stayed for years, let’s really look at what would make someone from the outside looking in blame the victim for the treatment they receive.

We’ve been desensitized and maybe a little bit twisted by just how much violence and betrayal we consume on a regular basis. On a typical social media timeline, you are likely to see a fight/physical altercation, porn (literal porn), cheaters exposed, and political nonsense in a matter of 1.5 minutes of scrolling. And before you say it’s only my timeline or the algorithm, it’s more than that. This is the norm on social media.

Because we’re subconsciously flooded with this imagery regularly, it becomes white noise and just something on which to comment. The idea that these are REAL people tends to escape us when it’s just timeline fodder. Humanity in our thought process leaves too.

That leaves us with victim blamers who could NEVER see themselves being in the situation. This is how we get crowds telling a woman that she’s lying about being shot or telling a woman she could have left if she wasn’t a gold digger.

We’re cooked.

We’re numb to the point of not grasping empathy in a lot of ways. At the very least, we could just not comment on these things, but social media has convinced us that we must engage.

My thoughts and prayers are with Cassie and anyone else who finds themselves in a tough situation that has been put on display for the world to judge. As for everyone else-- find your humanity before commenting or simply keep scrolling.

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