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Jun 18, 2017
In A Man's POV
One thing I often hear from women is that all the guys they like seem to be ugly, broke, or kind of a bitch. well, the answer to that is pretty simple, but a lot of you aren't gonna like it. See, there are three things that ultimately decide if a man is attractive: Looks, Financial stability and personality. lack in any of these departments as a man, and you quite literally have to have a Daredevils' hearing over sight level advantage over that area. looks is one of those tricky things that standards are affected by a few variables. In my case its where I grew up and the reality that as time goes on, a womans' looks can lower in quality as time goes on. fact is, you probably won't ever see your beauty in its prime again outside of photos or in a weird way if you have kids. for men, to grow up "ugly" as I said elsewhere is one of those things where you quickly realize that your gonna have to develop in other departments. fact is, some of the best looking dudes back when I was younger rarely if ever keep getting women into their later years. like, take 10 guys who in high school were swimming in vagina, at most only 2 are still doing that still in their 20s. For the rest of us, we either have to learn to be charming or funny (Personality) or just get a stable career and hope for the best (financial stability) keep in mind, I've learned the hard way that they're really are some women who will chase down attractive man regardless of whether or not he's interesting or can even afford a real date for them. this is why if you go to a place like San Francisco I would't be shocked to know that a IT guy who works for google who might be kind of short but dresses well can't get a date but the broke hipster "artist" who only has abs because his lack of job (thus giving him more time to exercise) and surprising ability to afford healthy foods is just swimming in women. fact is these kinds of guys won't fall out of favor till you reach your 30s, so yeah. Fact is ladies, the reason that the guys that keep showing up to offer their undying love also happen to be less than an adonis is because for the rest of us, we know that guy who can get women just off sex appeal is just reality. we hate it, but it makes sense as men will pursue women who are mighty boring and can't cook or take care of a child to the ends of the earth. whats worse, many women will justify lacking in these departments by way of feminism, but will expect men to pick up the slack where they refuse to go. You ask "well where are the men who are proficient in all three areas?" those are the George Clooneys of the world: men who quite literally won't stop fucking till the day their dicks stop working properly. In some rare cases, you have women who fall under this too, but but tends to be rare specimens like Jerry Hall and Christie Brinkley. but you asking why them? well, no amount of social justice can change the fact that, regardless of age, women are turned on by a successful and attractive man, and men are just attracted to an attractive woman. seriously, Jerry Hall is 60, Christie Brinkley is 63, Iman is 61, Sade Adu is 58, and Tina Turner is 77 years old. I'm certain men my age if offered sex from any of them wouldn't say no. Fact is ladies, if you want a man that is good to you, know he'll lack in something. he'll either be good looking, broke and charming or rich, charming but ugly. just know what you can go without as frankly to ask for the full package is a recipe for disaster.
Jun 03, 2017
In A Man's POV
Name: H.T. Twitter: @517NightHawk Podcast: Lansing Anti-Hero One of the things I often hear from women on social media that tend to fancy themselves "Woke" or "Feminist" is that Pick Mes tend to upset any and all progress towards helping black women become liberated. the problem is: not everybody wants the same thing. See, what alot of women don't understand is that the reason society promotes people to get married and have kids is because stable marriages make for the right people to sell certain products to and kids being born is essential to keeping society advancing. no ones born, stuff doesn't get made or bought. simple as that. The problem is, this generation, in all it intellectualizing of the world and its societal flaws, has decided that it's better to push for a world that collectively exists in their heads than for a more equal and productive world. granted, a great deal of millennials due to economic station are not able to achieve the financial stability that society says they should have. And because so few have been able to achieve it, the idea has become that we as a society need to just burn it all down and rebuild society in the image of the paradigm that many millennials face. One of those revolutions is gender roles. now, don't get me wrong, men do need to work on somethings, but frankly the things that men need to work on are more a matter of maturity than a societal ill really. However, Millennial men live in the time where "men are trash" because this generation found out out that, surprise, alot of men have done awful things. rather than rack it up to this is just how humanity is, men are expected to agree that men are in fact, awful people and inferior to women as men just in our heterosexuality and masculinity are toxic and need to be redeemed. The problem with this logic is that to the men who have walked through life seeing both sides of the argument, you quickly realize that one side wants men to be less shitty people but realize that among ourselves, we are problematic and frankly trying to break all that down is pointless. the other side however wants men to be on social media in a perpetual state of shame for the sins of men's past. men are supposed to constantly agree with and not question any and all logic that a woman says as it relates to men. never-mind if the solution is mighty simple, no men are expected to wage constant war against IDEAS. One of the places I saw this issue rear its ugly head was when Ayesha Curry made headlines for simply saying that she didn't understand why so many women want to dress half naked and that she herself prefers to "cover up". what should have just been a statement of ones opinion on their own style of dress exploded into an orgy of think pieces and threads on internalized patriarchy and women being sexually liberated. yes, because a woman in the modern age wants to show a bit of modesty, its got to be men shaming her into it and not a personal choice. One of the reasons I feel that a great deal of this Laissez-Faire outlook on gender relations exists IS because nobody has much to lose these days. look around: Of the few men out here making money on a normal level, alot of women would write them off as "ashy" or "Corny" or "ugly" and hold out for a man who will adhere to their ideals. the problem is that I don't think they realize what those ideals look like to the average guy. see, I have no ill will towards women like Kim Kardashian or Amber Rose. If anything, Rose comes off as a very earnest in her views on the world, and I respect that much about her. However, speaking as a man, there is alot of shit that women today do that really isn't appealing to us but gets by BECAUSE its not popular with men and is labeled a revolutionary act against patriarchal men. Among these things is women deciding to constantly be so constantly sexually immodest. From the way many women dress, to how they alter their body, to just how they carry themselves, many men how want to at some point find a wife in this generation have to wade through a sea of women being publicly explicit and obtuse to seem woke when all we want is a woman who will just be for us and us alone. alot of women do not understand that about men, but go as far as to say the mentality that leads men to want a woman who is just sexual for them is the same mentality that leads to women being killed and raped by partners. On a certain level, this is true, but its true in the way that many people own guns and people get shot, but there are FAR more people who own guns and never shoot anybody besides maybe a deer or a duck. What women have to understand about men is that it really does get under a mans skin to be with a woman that he knows many other men have either had sex with or has essentially been masturbatory fodder for. don't get me wrong, no sane man in this day and age really expects his future wife to be a whole virgin anymore, but the reason so many men are pushing back against this whole "toxic masculinity" social campaign is because frankly it really is unnerving to realize that the standards for women are being watered down in the name of social justice to where men are expected to essentially just have no standards because we as a generation have pushed this narrative that its better to have the baddest chick in the room than to find love. Pick mes come in because it brings back the fact that men shouldn't be pushed to essentially give up our standards in the name of any sort of political agenda. fact is men want a beautiful loving woman. we also don't want to have to walk around in public wondering how many men looking at you have been inside you or jerked off to you. its not even about a matter of STDs, its just that when ya'll say our "masculinity is so fragile" it's because we say no to wanting to fuck around with the girl everyone else fucked around with. this is why so many of the men who tend to share the ideals that men are trash and that masculinity is fragile tend to also have shitty self-confidence, which is likely why a great deal of these allies are either single or in relationships where clearly the wife isn't loyal to to just him sexually. My point is this essentially: To get rid of pick mes quite literally represents to to the strong, entrenched in our convictions men out here that many women would rather be right than foster strong men. One day I hope you' ll realize that for every pick me you demonize, alot of ya'll will straight up praise women who cheat, lie and steal from other women. but what will be you your justification? men are trash. yes, enjoy your septum piercings, purple lipstick, and loads of sad men who will justify your logic because he lacks a back bone.
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