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Aug 02, 2021
Viagra will make men more and more empty . 威而鋼 . "Viagra is a medicine for invigorating kidney yin deficiency, and Bawei Shenqi Pill is a medicine for tonifying both yin and yang. Yuanjing is called kidney yin, and vitality is called kidney yang. When a patient goes to a Chinese medicine doctor, does Chinese medicine often talk about kidney deficiency? Chinese medicine refers to kidney deficiency. Is it yin deficiency or yang deficiency? How to make it up? There is a medicine called Viagra, I think many people have taken it. What is this medicine used for? In a general sense, this medicine is a typical kidney-tonifying medicine, and it is a kidney-yin-tonifying medicine. What kind of medicine is Viagra? It is a six-flavor yin medicine. Rehmannia glutinosa, cornus, Moutan bark, Chinese yam, Poria, Alisma are three tonic and three reducing methods, so it is six flavors. There is an old Chinese doctor in Shanxi who is very famous, but he is not recognized by the mainstream. His name is Li Ke. He is particularly remarkable. He often saves people who have been sentenced to death by medicine . The dead can be saved by pulling the dead. He usually uses aconite, sometimes one or two hundred grams, so he can save the "dead". In a sense, Viagras can nourish kidney yin. Where is kidney deficiency ? Li Ke has a word, he said that there is no real yin deficiency in the world. why? Because the body of water to flow up by the yang qi, as we usually see water up in the morning, and it must contain a layer of fog that gas, it is to bring gas to flow. But there is a problem with water, it will condense. Condensation is the lack of Yang Qi, which can't drive it. Therefore, the human body does not actually have yin deficiency. As long as some people say that kidney yin is deficiency, it must be kidney yang deficiency. Sitting and sweating violently, it was originally the deficiency of kidney yang, that is, the yang qi's solidification ability is no longer good. If you try to replenish yin, you will become more and more deficient. Why do the more you eat, the more empty it is? The reason is that the kidney yang qi is insufficient, and these six herbs are all medicines to invigorate the kidney yin. The heavier the yin, the weaker the yang qi, and the worse the body. In fact, if you really want to invigorate the kidney, if it is because of kidney deficiency, you must first understand the yin and yang. This is the way to cure the disease. There is also a medicine that is also very famous, and its compatibility is very precise. It is the prescription of Zhang Zhongjing in the Han Dynasty. It is called Bawei Shenqi Pills. It is called Jinkui Shenqi Pills on the market. It is both yin and yang tonic. In ", Bawei Shenqi Pills are added with two Yang medicines in addition to Viagras, one is cassia twig and the other is aconite. Liuwei is for yin, Guizhi and Fuzi are for yang. Viagra was originally a kid’s medicine Viagra was cut by Qian Yi, a pediatrician in the Song Dynasty, from Zhang Zhongjing's Jinkui Shenqi Wan. Who dares to give Viagras to children now? no. This Viagra was originally a medicine for children. Why do children eat Viagra? There is a characteristic of children , children are particularly prone to erections, because they are very vigorous, and children's erections are called true erections. Erections like adults are caused by lust. So, when the little boy's vitality is too yang, what should I do if his erection never falls down? Ancient Chinese books say that if Yang is strong, Viagra is the master. In the past, there were two big tanks at the door of wealthy people. Men took Bawei Shenqi pills to nourish both yin and yang; women generally took Wuji Baifeng pills. Why is the Bawei Shenqi Pill not advertised for such a good medicine, but only for Viagras? That's because for three to four centuries, the Chinese medical community believed that all the people in the world are empty, and the Ziyin school has been popular since Zhu Danxi's time. What kind of medicine a doctor prescribes, he must have a fixed group of services. Zhu Danxi himself was not a nobleman. Zhu Danxi was also the one who failed the "College Entrance Examination". Later, he studied Neo-Confucianism. After studying Neo-Confucianism in the Song and Ming Dynasties, he always made friends with officials. These officials love wine and wealth, Zhu Danxi especially likes to use the method of nourishing yin to make up for them. He thinks these officials are three wives and four concubines, so they need to make up for it. In this way, a faction was formed, and it was used to supplement every day, and only then did it form the habit of using Viagras for kidney deficiency . Do you still use supplements? What are you lacking? You, your whole body is held back I said a very core sentence earlier. All the problems in life now are related to overnutrition and non-exercise, but now traditional Chinese medicine is still a tonic. Do we people still use supplements now? What's missing, the whole body is a suffocated disease, and it is all because of too good nutrition and blocked disease, we need to get through. Famous ancient Chinese doctors did not want to enter the capital. Why? Because the capital is all serving officials. The imperial medical system can be said to be the most delicate system in China's medical system. First of all, the imperial doctor must protect himself. The imperial doctor treats the emperor Laozi. He must not prescribe generously. They are all small medicines, just a little bit. Anyway, they are for you. You always have no objection to me. Cixi could see the imperial doctor's tricky ideas. Once, Cixi asked the imperial physician to see Guangxu. The imperial doctor didn't understand, how cruel Cixi was, how many people had been killed, did she let Emperor Guangxu die, or let Guangxu live? At that time, Guangxu probably got the rash, or some people said it was syphilis. The doctor knew this, he had no choice but to prescribe a medicine: Shiquan Dabutang. After the Shiquan Dabutang was sent there, Cixi didn't want Guangxu to die at the time. When she saw, how could such a faint-hearted person stay here? She was so confused that she couldn't prescribe a prescription for treatment. But the doctor was cunning. He wanted to survive, so he pretended to prescribe a prescription. He would rather let Cixi dismiss him from his position and let him go home. The prescription of medicine has formed a system in China for a long time, and I would rather make up for evil than break it a little bit. Therefore, the current Chinese medicine system dare not use these Guizhi and Fuzi, these two medicines have the effect of breaking. Guizhi Tongxinyang, aconite breaks kidney cold. Therefore, in the current society, for doctors, the safest way is to use Viagras instead of Bawei Shenqi Pills. In short, the kidney needs to be supplemented properly. First of all, the kidney must first break the cold , this must be remembered. " . 性愛指南 .


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