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Goals and Ambition

We always say we want our counterpart to have goals and ambition, but where we're failing is on the specifics.

Yes, it's great if our counterpart has goals and ambition, but if their goals and ambition don't consider you after spending an extensive amount of time together then what? Example: Their goal is to be a peanut farmer knowing full well you have a peanut allergy and all their endeavors lead to you having near death experiences. (Extreme example, I know, but hear me out) Are you staying simply because YOU are vested in the person at the risk of your demise? They have shown that they are a little less vested in you if their goal is something that completely goes against your nature.

This is one of those instances where we have to assess the situation. Is it even worth having a conversation with your counterpart to see why they claim to want to be with you when their actions continuously place you in danger? Are they aware that their actions are placing you in danger. Is it a situation where they have selective compassion? Sometimes the truth is simply that you are in the way of their goals and essentially they are in the way of yours. Your goal is to stay alive and avoid peanuts, right?

Excuse the extreme example, but it should be crystal clear where I'm going with this. The point I'm making is that at a certain point you have to start practicing self-preservation. Either you leave the situation or always keep that epi-pen ready for those near death experiences.

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