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New year. New Me. Same Frog.

It's that time of year when everybody starts that "new year, new me" crap. I'm all about positive affirmations, but nobody holds firm to anything they say or do for the New Year. Let's be honest. The one thing I hear the most from women in this regard is "I'm not taking him into the new year". Years later, he's still there making them indecisive about the role they really want him to play at the end of every year. I totally understand, but the focus is NOT the "frog".

Let me just be transparent for a minute. About 3 years ago, I stopped being that person that thought a new year would change me and my destiny. To be honest I was just sick of myself and didn't know what kind of hope or promise to wish for in the new year. With that, I completely removed expectation and just started focusing on what I didn't want to be in the new year. I would pick one major thing that annoyed me about myself (or even a hindrance if it didn't annoy me) and would work on that. My strategy is simple. Be what you want to attract. It goes beyond what you want from a future partner, but it extends into all relationships. You'll start to attract positive, highly esteemed people as you elevate yourself/mindset. These people will be key to your success in your future relationship too. It all runs together. It's readily apparent why a person's relationship is in shambles when they're surrounded by people in toxic relationships or just toxic people. They instinctively act on what they're being "fed". It's something to think about. Just as we align with successful individuals from a career aspect, we must do the same in life. We want emotional promotions, don't we? Why would we shadow the mail room guy if we're striving to be the CEO. It's the same in relationships. Some of our friends' relationship ability equates to being "mail room personnel". That's not the goal so we can't spend developmental time with them. (Sorry)

Essentially, if I'm successful in gradually turning myself into a queen, only a king will be able to withstand my presence and that's what I'll attract. I'm sure it sounds crazy, but I have to start with me before I can be ready to receive the type of love that makes my heart implode (that's my love struck goal... don't judge me). Anyway, if I'm anyone's "mail room personnel", I get it. I'm a work in progress. Go snag your king. I support you.

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