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When rooting for someone else's relationship goes wrong...

Since I can't sleep after this episode of Insecure, I figured I'd vent a bit.

Now I've openly admitted a few times that I'm a hopeless romantic and with that comes a few things. The one I will talk about tonight is rooting for other people's relationships. I always have some couple on my radar that I think is so cute and have all the potential in the world to make it (and give the world a good example that true love exist). Now, time and time again, my "couple pick" fails me and I take it hard like my parents got divorced or something, but I eventually get over it and pick a new couple. The cycle continues.

Anyway, I'd secured my fictional couple pick with Issa and Lawrence. They'd had some hiccups (mostly communication based), but it was nothing that couldn't be fixed. They even had a few scenes that were cute and a little heartwarming even... I'm thinking, "yes... we're back on the right track". (notice I said "we're"? That's how invested I get.) Then boom, after building me up on the backstory and cute "progress" bits, Issa breaks my heart and cheats with her FINE ex "cut friend" (that couldn't get it right when he had her)! ...and that's how life is. You get built up to the max to come 2nd to a cut rate version of yourself. Why Issa whhyyyy? In the words of Tyra Banks, "I was rooting for you! We were allllll rooting for you!"

*tantrum ended* ...but I'm still mad at Issa.

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