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Stop seeking validation!

So this is the first post of 2017 and I know everybody's all on their affirmations for the year. If you've been reading, you know that's not quite my style, but I have advice on how to move in 2017.

While you are living your life (in a relationship or not), I encourage you to stop seeking validation... from anything or anybody. I have always had the personality type to seek approval and validation in everything and everyone close to me. For the most part, I always got it, but I was rudely awakened during my college years. I realized that I wasn't going to be great at everything (organic chemistry, biochemistry, personal relationships... to name a few). My bubble of amazing was popped hard and violently. I couldn't understand for the life of me why I couldn't "nail" everything on the first try or even on the 3rd sometimes. I couldn't accept it and stressed myself trying to change myself to fit the necessary profile to master what I needed. That STILL didn't work and I began to "lose myself". Validation was dwindling in all the areas that were important to me. My career path was derailed. The path I'd chosen for my love life was all over the place and not reaching a destination. I wasn't even all the way on top of my financial goals.

So what did I do? Initially, I stepped back. My path is not everyone else's and things tend to come to me harder than others. With that accepted, I started thinking of what made me happy. My plan was to pursue whatever that was as an outlet if nothing else. In pursuing what made me happy, I found small victories and validation started coming. (Look at that!) Now, if you're looking for me to say my outlet turned into a major source of income, I'm not at that chapter yet. Although, I'm pretty sure that's how the story ends...the struggle is still real. The point is I've stopped making myself miserable seeking validation and I just live chasing positive energy and doing things that help me unwind.

So, try it. Don't focus on thinking yourself out of the box. Do what you can within the box, and those walls will start to fall.

Happy New Year loves!

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