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Public breakups

Well, news just broke that Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill called it quits and it got me thinking. Why do we care? We actually don't, but it's positioned as entertainment for us. This is somewhat sad, but us regular people have been entertainment for others in our breakups too.

We get involved with someone and suddenly want to go public. The world has to witness our unmatched happiness and cute antics with our boo. The problem with this is, when you rub your happiness in other's faces, they sit dormant and wait on your demise to rub your misery back in yours. Now, people don't always intend on taunting others with their happiness. Usually, it's genuine excitement about the person that triggers it. However, when disaster strikes and Prince Charming turns out to be a superfrog 🐸, everybody wants to know the details on that too. While you just want to get over/forget the person, now you have to answer questions from others like "whatever happened to what's-his-name?" This is the worse! I typically go through a memory wiping process after breakups, but it's hard to do when people are constantly asking about the person. This is what happens when you publicly merge your identity with your partner. Now they can't see you without thinking of the ex.

I've heard people say that if you keep your relationship a secret, it'll work out better. I believe you just have to have a balance. Never should your relationship be hidden, (because there are some red flags that come along with that) but it can be public without being nauseating. Stop trying to be a "relationship goals" post inspiration and focus on your partner without shoving them in everyone's faces. Either way... we "got to be more careful"!

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