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Types of Attention Whores...

Disclaimer: One of my pet peeves is extreme attention-seeking behavior, so I will be less than objective on this topic. I almost understand when women exhibit attention-seeking behavior because girls and women are regularly showered with attention and it becomes an expectation. When men start to exhibit the behavior, I'm left grimacing and wondering who coddled them to this extreme. Both genders are equally hard to be in a relationship with when they exhibit these behaviors, but I'll be a little harder on the men. To me, they're less excusable. With that being said, I'll outline the different personalities and why they can be problematic "frogs" you don't want to continue to kiss.

Social-media- ite:

Like the socialite, this man is on every scene, but in a virtual nature. He has multiple social media platforms and has several female followers that like and comment on the sexually driven pictures he posts. He enjoys trolling (saying outlandish things on social media for attention) about hot topics because he gets rewarded with attention for it. He will lash out if told he needs to dial back his social media consumption. The irony of the Social-media-ite is that he's not exactly social in real life and spends most of his time attached to his phone.

What's the issue?

This type of attention whore tends to take it too far on social media (while in a relationship) and engage in inappropriate DMs with other women. He may or may not take online flirting offline. He also isn't exactly present in his relationship to give his partner the attention she deserves.

Friendly Flirt:

He just loves to be in the presence of women and will flirt with others in front of you (so that you're secure with his tendencies). He loves the attention his flirting creates (even if you're a little bothered by it). He tends to throw around pet names loosely and may playfully physically "fight" with women in your presence.

What's the issue?

Although it may just be his ego driving this, it's still disrespectful and sends the wrong message to females that could be attracted to him. Most likely if the shoe were on the other foot, he wouldn't appreciate any of this behavior.


The name isn't necessarily a play on words, but it's a possibility he's trying to make up for something he's lacking. This guy loves all things flashy. He has to have the biggest and best "toys" available. He must wear the most expensive brands and drive the flashiest car he can afford (and sometimes can't afford). His jewelry, clothes, hair, and cologne are almost always guaranteed to be over the top.

What's the issue?

Shiny things attract simple individuals. Easily impressed females will flock to this type like moths to a flame. If you're in a relationship with this type, prepare to have to protect your territory.

Woe-is-Me Warrior:

This is probably the worst of all and most pathetic. This individual will use a 20 year old tragedy to solicit sympathy if it's possible. They're never at a loss for sob stories or complaints and just want someone to validate them emotionally. This is the type of individual that will post a death of a person they don't know on social media and act distraught to get "likes".

What's the issue?

No matter how an argument is going, it's always going to be your fault because this person will always throw the emotional inadequacy card. You don't give enough attention, they do what they do because of some past hurt/trauma, etc. It's safe to say no level of attention will ever satisfy them enough to not act out for sympathy.

As I stated before, these character types go both ways and are a problem on both sides. I just give the guys less room for this attention seeking behavior. If you see your partner here, try addressing it. If they're a mixture of more than one, it may be time to run. If you see yourself, sorry for putting you on blast, BUT you've GOT to get that under control.

Now, I'm sure I've stepped on some toes, so let me hear it in the comments.

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