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Why recharging can make you a better partner...

It's the last night of my self-proclaimed Recharge Retreat and I'm a little bummed that I have to return to my stress zone, but I'm glad this retreat happened. The days leading to the start of my trip were full of monkey wrenches and curve balls (...and trust me when I tell you, I'd had ENOUGH). I was starting to come unglued and where I was typically able to conjure up a sunny disposition, I was failing. These were definitely signs that a recharge was in order (actually... overdue).

When you find yourself buried in stress to the point of becoming irrational, you MUST retreat and recharge or you'll start to damage the important relationships around you. You can't be a good or functional partner if you're emotionally tapped out from stress. Small things will start to be major issues from the perspective of an overworked/ stressed individual and the people closest to you will suffer. To avoid this, you must have some sort of stress plan. I typically find peace being near water and by running. So, I de-stress weekly (or as much as possible) by running around a lake. Find your de-stress solution to maintain your functionality.

On a larger scale, I needed to do more than just the weekly de-stress. I needed a super retreat to reset my stress levels. My choice for this retreat was the Virgin Islands (a good choice to say the least). I was surrounded by beautiful bodies of water for most of the trip and it was a place of solace.

Who wouldn't unwind with these breathtaking views? Just the site of the blue/green water and sand contrast was a big sigh of relief. (I've heard that the color blue is supposedly calming and I definitely believe it.) Now, I'm feeling like I can return to life as usual without snapping or becoming super sarcastic about everything (because that can occasionally happen).

The point is, you should never let yourself get to a place where you're harboring pinned up stress. You're partner will undoubtedly suffer as you air your frustrations and vent about whatever is bothering you. (This applies even if you aren't in a relationship because stressed people are less approachable.) Catch yourself before you become unbearable/unapproachable. Schedule time for you to recharge so that you can continue being the awesome person the world already knows.

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