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5 Reasons Why Having a Hot Girl Summer is a Necessity

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

When a woman announces that she’s planning to have a “hot girl summer” (HGS), most men interpret that as her freely sleeping with any man she wants (with no remorse). Typical. While the thought of a woman owning her sexuality may sound threatening to the fragile male ego… that’s not what a hot girl summer is about. There’s much more to it. I would say a hot girl summer is a necessity—a reset of inner power. The coiner of the phrase, Megan Thee Stallion, even said it’s about “being unapologetically you, having fun, being confident, living your truth, being the life of the party, etc.”

Now that we’ve established that having a HGS is not about being a hoe, here are 5 reasons why it’s absolutely necessary for ALL of us.

It’s a period of reset.

We spend so much time doing the same things every day… week… month. Life has the tendency to become mundane—especially for the working woman. We give ourselves to our job, kids, and partners without breaking the norm and taking care of ourselves for once. While sad, this is also unhealthy! We all need time to just… be—without any interruptions or demands from anyone else. If we never get a period of reset, we run the risk of “getting by” until we implode.

It promotes self-confidence.

The energy behind an HGS is all about being comfortable in the skin you’re in and celebrating that. You may spend the other seasons feeling unsure about yourself or “working on your summer body”, but a hot girl summer is the time to celebrate the amazing person you are. There’s no second guessing yourself in a hot girl summer. You just KNOW that you’re that chick.

It’s a time of restoration.

Similar to promoting self-confidence, it restores all of the positive energy that you were once radiating (but maybe lost). Life and people have a tendency to make you forget your positive attributes. This will leave you operating in a space of mediocrity. Having an HGS will help you shake that off and return to a place of higher standards/thinking for yourself.

It could improve your finances.

Most assume that having a HGS means spending money you don’t have to look fly and travel, but that’s not what it means. You could very well have a hot girl summer by getting everyone else prepared for THEIR hot girl summer. Offer products that are related to a hot girl summer and watch your revenue increase. You’ll have an HGS by making money helping others prepare for theirs. I mean… get to the bag!

It may create a real love connection.

While you’re out and about experiencing new places and things, you could bump into your future life partner. (Hello!) While that may not be your intent, you make the best love connections when you’re at your happiest (feel the best about yourself). People can see your contentment and they are drawn to it. Make yourself a magnet for positive (dating) energy by having your HGS.

So, this was unexpected, right? Don’t underestimate the power of a Hot Girl Summer (HGS). You could be missing out on all of this self-growth, but assuming an HGS is something negative. Get out there and enjoy yourself before summer is over!

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