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Commitaphobe Culture

As time passes, the dating scene adapts to trends and new capabilities. Everything is right at your fingertips, but so out of touch. There are so many new mechanisms for dating. Shows, songs, and other forms of entertainment tout open options and not placing oneself in a box-- to the point of all but encouraging infidelity. (I talk about the culture of infidelity here which goes hand in hand with commitaphobe culture). Even childcare centers encourage fluid options when it comes to gender specific toys, etc. The world has evolved and so has the dating scene in response.

It has become hard for us traditionals to compete with the the fluidity of relationship ambiguity. More people are "talking" instead of dating, yet doing everything people in a committed relationship would do. It leaves the door open for either party to explore other options without there being any repercussions. Then there are those that commit and get married, but agree to have open marriages. Note: Definitions of "open" vary from marriage to marriage, but typically involve one or both partners being allowed to have sex with someone outside of the marriage. I honestly don't see the point in legally binding yourself to a person to have this agreement, but whatever works.

Here's the thing... I believe that it's not necessarily the fear of commitment that drives this new wave, but the lack of emphasis that is placed on commitment by the evolution of society. It's just no longer important and seemingly obsolete. People no longer see the need to make binding decisions as much because there are so many options for achieving approximately the same amount of companionship. When issues arise, just swipe left to make a new connection. It's only troublesome to the old fashioned, but I'm curious to see where this culture leads us.

Have I been a little less than objective or do I have a point here?

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