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7 Reasons Why Cookie Should Get Over Luscious

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Empire's back for its fourth season and everyone is excited (I mean everyone). You probably can literally walk in ANY business office in America and encounter at least a handful of Empire watchers. While a few of the plot lines have waxed a little gimmicky throughout the seasons, one thing remains consistent-- the writers are always trying Cookie. Whether it be as a mother, business owner, or her viability as a romantic partner; Cookie seems to always be in some type of struggle. It's almost frustrating to watch. The common denominator to all of her struggles seems to be Luscious. While I would love to believe that true love never fails and that they'll find a way to make it work in the end, it is undeniable that their relationship is toxic. Here are just 7 of the many reasons Cookie should get over Luscious and seriously pursue a relationship with someone else.

1. He allowed her to do 17 years in prison for him! I get it, I get it... everybody wants to be a ride or die, but that's unforgivable or dangerously close. It probably seemed like a good idea to play Bonnie to his Clyde until he divorced her (mid-sentence), and was in the process of marrying another female (who'd done nothing to help build the company that Cookie had worked and sacrificed her freedom for). I mean... where's the loyalty?

2. She's always had to fight for her spot in his life. Nothing's worst than being with a man that makes you feel you have to prove yourself or compete for a position in his life! This shouldn't even be a thing with these two! After a 17 year sacrifice you would think that Luscious would have gladly given Cookie her rightful spot in the company. Nope. She had to fight to get acknowledged and outwit the person that was supposed to have her back. Of course, every time Cookie would give up and move on to something else, whether it was her own company or another love interest, Luscious was always there to crush her endeavors.

3. He intentionally toys with her emotions. Luscious is well aware of Cookie's unconditional love for him and he uses it to his advantage in every situation he can. It's such a roller coaster with these two! Just when it seems Cookie is about to make a decision that's all about her, she let's Luscious snake his way into her life (and thoughts) so that she can choose the position that is yet again subservient to him. She had several opportunities to branch out and make her own path, but he conveniently threw the family card and faked emotion for her until she gave in to his antics.

4. He killed her cousin. Let's stop it right there. (Moment of silence for Bunkie) Killing family is obviously off-limits, but somehow Cookie found a way to justify Luscious killing her cousin and she still wanted to be with him. It seems there's nothing this man can do to make her shake the thought that she has to be with him.

5. He ruined their sons. Maybe they would have been just as messed up if they raised them together, but that's not the case. The reason their children are so screwed up is because Luscious raised them. He actively tried/tries to pit the children against her and each other. All he really wants is puppets and not a legitimately loving family. He has used almost every family situation to manipulate the boys and Cookie (and will continue to do so).

6. He doesn't want her to succeed without him. How toxic is that? It seems like he doesn't want her to succeed WITH him either? Every time she makes business progress or shows a level of talent in the music business, he finds a way to stunt her growth or blackball her. He wants her to need him for everything and Cookie has shown herself to be independent. (talk about oil and water!) This just won't work and it's just not healthy.

7. He hates his mother. Never trust a man that hates, dislikes, or disrespects his mother. This is a MAJOR warning sign for you to head for the hills! His characteristics as a partner will mimic the strained relationship he has with his mother. He's obviously missed all the fundamental lessons of loving a woman by having a tumultuous relationship with his mom. He'll put up emotional walls and/or continuously disrespect you as a woman.This is all true of Luscious. Poor Cookie is just there to catch the residual negative feelings Luscious has for his mother. Tragic.

Sidenote: This applies to the mother or whatever female acted as a mother figure to the man.

I've heard of not-so-perfect loves being just right for the right person, but this is beyond repair. Of course it's just a show and only for our entertainment, but some of us are in situations with someone that's checked off a few things on this list. Your love life shouldn't be anybody else's entertainment (as in this case). If the love of your life seems to have some of these situations swirling around, it's time to take a hard look at what you have and what you deserve. Dating some people just won't allow you to be your best self, no matter how much you try to make it work. ...until next time loves!

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