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I'm going to show you how to slay this pregnancy...

Last night I was getting my weekly dose of ratchet Mondays... (ie. I was watching Love and Hip Hop Hollywood) and Alexis Sky told Masika Kalysha, "I'm going to show you how to slay this pregnancy".

*record scratch and huge sigh*

Slay pregnancy as opposed to slaying motherhood? As if it ends with the pregnancy... or as if it's something different from what the other babymamas are getting from the alleged father already. (This is why older generations hate us millennials... THIS!)

Let me give you the history (for those of you that refuse to watch the ratchetness unfold on Mondays): Alexis was dating rapper Fetty Wap when he impregnated Masika. Apparently he'd also impregnated other women during this time, but Masika stuck under her skin. Anyway, Masika's pregnant and Alexis is mad... So mad that she joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop to chase her around LA and build a bigger platform for herself. (Talk about 2 birds with one stone) Somehow in the midst of all of this, she reconnects with Fetty (because they were no longer together) and gets pregnant. The ultimate lemon juice squeeze to Masika's eye, right? NO!

I want to hug Alexis and explain to her that every move she made (aside from using the situation to build a bigger platform for her business ventures) was the wrong one. She's thinking about it all wrong. Maybe she loved Fetty and it was a slap in her face that he'd have a baby with someone that has a television platform, but the answer is not get pregnant and announce it on the same platform. No my love... just no.

First, her main concern is showing Masika how to slay pregnancy. Implying that she'll make sure she looks better while pregnant. That's it? How about show her how to slay coparenting or motherhood. That seems like something that would be more of a slap in the face. Feel me?

The goal should never be to be the better babymama. Is that all we're aspiring to do now? Let's not even get on the fact that while it may be cute to twin with your offspring while they're babies, it's something less than fun when you realize your little twin follows you everywhere and you can't even get a minute to crap in peace! (Yes, I'm deflecting, but it's true.) We'll pray for good nannies or a strong support system.

The children aren't really considered when planning to slay pregnancy or have a bunch of mother/child photo shoots to post for likes. That all fades and you still have a human that will need you to be a superhero for at least 18 years. In the grand scheme of things, that's what's important. We have to start looking further than our noses when we're tempted to be petty or make a public point.

I'm sure Alexis will be fine because she now has a platform, but I'm concerned about us non-platform having millennials sitting at home cheering on the petty. It doesn't work out like that in real life, but there are so many that have tried for the same result. We've got to stop. That's what's NOT okay about our generation and the things we glorify.

We're not slaying anything except normal relationship ideals.

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