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5 Things Your Gift Says about You

Gift giving has become the staple of relationships (no matter the stage of the relationship). Newer couples try to be more creative and/or lavish with the first gifts. They most likely use them as an indicator of how interested they are and where they want the relationship to go. Older couples are more complacent in the process and focus more on the usefulness of gifts. No matter the stage of your relationship, what you give your partner can indicate certain things about you as a person. Want to know what message you're sending? Read more to find our what he may be able to determine about you from the gift you give.

1. Frugal or not- This may seem obvious or could be up for debate. It's pretty easy to determine if a person is just frugal or if they have given a thoughtful gift that just may not be expensive. If your gift screams "I only considered minimizing cost", it will show and your partner will be able to tell immediately. On the other hand, a person that ONLY gives lavish gifts may be doing it to offset the fact that they haven't given the gift (or person) much thought. Spending large amounts of money doesn't automatically equate to a good gift.

2. Thoughtful or not so much- As mentioned in the previous point, you could spend very little on a gift, but it could be more meaningful than a random big ticket item. Most people can determine the thought process behind the gift you give. Buying something they've needed for a while or have been talking about often is thoughtful and a good indicator that you've been attentive to them.

3. Attention to detail- This is the difference between buying a pair of sneakers because you know he loves the style and buying the exact style he wants in a color that matches his current wardrobe. Anyone would be appreciative and impressed by you knowing the style and brand of shoe they want, but to match it with their existing wardrobe... priceless. This not only spoils him, but makes life a little bit easier for him simultaneously.

4. Your perception of the relationship- Gifts can expose your intentions fairly easily. If you're in the unofficial "talking" stage, buying personal items like boxers, certain types of jewelry, or romantic date tickets could insinuate that you want to be more than what you are with him. If you WANT to drop him a hint, this is perfect. The same intention argument can be used for a woman that gives a guy the same Christmas card everyone else received. That says she's not interested and probably didn't want to put thought into something special for him.

5. Your level of creativity- When your budget is tight and you're not sure if you can buy something that sends the message you want to send, creativity comes in handy. (That is... if you're creative.) Those who aren't creative typically check out and get a gift card. It's easy and you don't have to think much about it. (I'm not judging because I've phoned it in with gift cards a few times.) Creativity, however, can be a good way to tie in the other points. It can kill the argument that you're frugal, boast of your thoughtfulness/ attention to detail, and if your gift is really sweet it can show your adoration for the person receiving the gift.

Don't allow someone to read you wrong simply because you didn't have time to think about their gift. Always take time to plan the gifts you give. After all, they could imply a lot about you as a person. Happy shopping and gift planning, loves!

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