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He’s a Boss, but I Need Attention!

Dating an entrepreneur or a career-driven person is definitely not easy, but there are worse things that could occur (so it’s workable). The main problem is that it's hard to find time in their busy schedules to cuddle, go out on at date, or even talk. It seems like everything has to be scheduled and it can be frustrating at times. Trying to pencil yourself in their schedule is already a blow to your pride (or at least for me it would be) and it can really impact how you feel in a relationship. It can dictate whether or not you feel valued or if you feel like a priority. While these are big issues, they’re manageable. Here are 7 ways that you can maintain the relationship and not feel so neglected when dating someone with a boss mentality.

1. Schedule quality time. Most likely, an entrepreneur (businessman) runs on a schedule at all times. You have to adapt to that schedule and work in quick activities to get in some much-needed quality time. Make sure not to bombard or be too forceful.

2. Don't try to overthrow his plans. This goes along with the first point. Admittedly it can be frustrating to deal with a person that always has something to do or always has something scheduled, but trying to take over his schedule isn't going to help anything. Disrupting his business is a good ticket out of the relationship. Afterall, he’s all about his business and if you’re costing him money and/or connections, there will be friction (or separation).

3. Try to help with his business. This should be a fast track to his heart (if you do it right). This meets a need for him and it meets a need for you. You get quality time and he gets assistance with projects or anything else he may be working on to build his business/ brand.

4. Be understanding, but express your frustrations about his schedule. If he doesn't know that there's an issue, how can he fix it. Present your grievances to him in a clear, but straightforward manner. Avoid placing blame on him for his schedule. Offer solutions as to how you guys can do better with communication and time spent.

5. Set and/or know your limits. Dating a career driven person isn't for everybody. So if you know that there are certain things that are deal breakers for you, make sure you keep those in mind. This will keep you from wasting your time and his by sticking around when you're miserable.

6. Get your own hobbies or business ventures. Nothing keeps you more entertained or distracted than building your own business or doing something that you absolutely love. It would definitely be an added bonus if your hobby or interest is something that compliments his business or career (but not a necessity). Every time you feel neglected or lonely, build onto your dream or entertain yourself with your new hobby. This will give you an outlet and it may even transition the two of you into a power couple (imagine that!).

7. Form a support group. It sounds dramatic, but there are bound to be people that are going through the same thing and can relate to you. Forming a bond with them can give you another outlet for channeling frustrations you may have with your partner’s schedule. The connection with them can keep you occupied and also keep you reasonable in your relationship solutions.

Keep these 7 suggestions in mind when you find that your “boss boo” is super driven and less accessible than you would like. There’s nothing wrong with a super driven man (I actually prefer it). You just have to find ways to support his hustle while meeting your need to spend time with him.

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