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8 Things Every "Charmer" Knows About Women

You know that regular guy that seemingly EVERY woman is attracted to? It's not his looks (maybe slightly), his style, or his "member" (it probably helps a little): it's what he knows about every woman that has him winning in the desirability department. This charming, regular guy has figured out the key to making women mentally connect with him. From there, it's no problem getting them to physically connect. What is it that these smooth talkers know that gets us women all up in arms? I'll tell you below!

  1. He knows how to communicate. He’s not awkward with his words in the least and he most likely speaks in a calm, soothing manner. Somebody’s hipped this guy to the fact that loud and boisterous isn’t sexy to most women. He also knows how to walk the line without coming off as shy or timid. His words are confident and carefully planned. In addition to this, he’s good with following up. He doesn’t go hours or days without communicating with you and makes it a point to say something meaningful when he does communicate.

  2. He knows we want to feel exclusive/special. When this guy talks to you, he’s sure to block out everybody else in the room. You have his undivided attention and he makes eye contact. (It is just me or can super eye contact make you blush like a little girl?) He plays this up. If you do seem to shy away from his eye contact, he slides seamlessly into my next point—reassurance.

  3. He knows the exact frequency with which to reassure us. Even the most attractive/confident women want to be reassured occasionally. This guy has nailed the art of reassurance without being prompted and frankly… we’re loving it. That makes him seem attentive and thoughtful. (I mean… technically, he is.)

  4. He knows we love details. Knowing that we love details, he may make it a point to remember a small detail about you for use later or he’ll plan dates down to the smallest detail for you. You’re sure to be impressed by him remembering your first pet’s name or your favorite flower.

  5. He knows we love “experiences”. This guy won’t try to rely on his buying power alone (if any). He knows how to create a memorable experience that we’ll cherish a little more than something anyone with income could buy. He may take you to a live show or plan an excursion for the 2 of you in your hometown.

  6. He knows enough about something that interests most women. Maybe he can hold a conversation about hair or make-up. Maybe he’s watched Gossip Girl or Insecure. This guy is on point with some subject matter that is woman-specific, and it’s bound to be impressive to us. He offers just enough perspective on the topic to make us admire his knowledge. This could be due to having several sisters or being close to his mother/mother figure. Either way, it works for him.

  7. He knows his friends can't be jerks. Either he’s figured out how to keep their jerky ways from showing around you or they’re all just nice guys. He knows that once we spot one cheater or chauvinist in the pack, it’s side-eyes for the rest of them (including him).

  8. He knows how to own his dating history. He knows that if we find out about some flaky situations with his exes or that he’s a known playboy, it’s an automatic turnoff. As a result, this guy stays ahead of the curve and explains his past (good, bad, or indifferent). What’s not to like about “up-front and honest”?

These are all excellent things for a guy to know and we’d all love to be so lucky to have a man that can nail everything on this list. Honestly, someone who can nail MOST things on this list would still be considered a Charming Charlie. There’s nothing wrong with dating a man that knows these things. In fact, I encourage it, if he’s a stand-up guy! The problem emerges when these guys use this knowledge against us. If you don’t know what it is that’s attracting you to a particular ladies’ man, it could be all or most of the things on this list. In which case, that’s just what he does, love! Knowing is half the battle, right?

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