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9 Outlandish Dating Deal Breakers

Everyone has some type of deal breaker that will cancel all hope for a potential partner. I mean… we like what we like and avoid what we don't. It’s even probably human nature to be a little on the picky side. Most of us hold ourselves at a high regard. (After all, we’re poppin’ right?) This is all understandable, but in my years of living… I have heard some of the most outlandish deal breakers known to man and I just want to share them with you, so we can all have a laugh. (Oh… and if your deal breaker made the list, we’re laughing WITH you, not at you.) Here are 9 of the most outlandish deal breakers I’ve heard.

  1. No dark/black gums. (I actually think I mentioned this in my checklist post found here.) This one had me laughing for a few days because of how serious and adamant the person was about her potential boyfriend NOT having dark gums. Aesthetically, she just couldn’t get with it. I didn’t see the big deal, but she was absolutely turned off at the thought of someone having dark gums! It definitely caught me off guard, but I wouldn’t argue with her logic.

  2. No long gums. (No, it wasn’t the same person as the first deal breaker.) This was described to me as “horse gums” for me to visually understand their issue. While I haven’t dated anyone with long gums, I’ve never given them enough thought for them to be on my deal breaker list.

  3. No meat eaters. Of course, this person was a vegan, but it’s just funny to completely eliminate someone as potential based on what they eat. It would sound weird if I were to say I absolutely cannot date someone that eats tofu, but vegan conviction can be a beast. (I guess I understand wanting someone in the same lifestyle for something THAT important. It’s just not my cup of tea).

  4. No unnatural colored hair. (Sounds more like a conservative employer than a boyfriend, but I digress.) Some guy made this one of his deal breakers. He refused to be seen with someone with green, purple, pink, etc. hair. He had an image to uphold and assumed that if she colored her hair any of these colors, she didn’t take herself seriously.

  5. No clubbed thumb. I honestly didn’t know this was a thing, but this thumb type just kills it for a person I know. I never really noticed thumbs until this person mentioned their deal breaker. It’s valid to her, so I acknowledge it and was sure to check a guy’s thumbs before referring him to her.

  6. No widow’s peak. I’ve heard this from both sexes, so maybe it’s not so outlandish. I just think it’s pretty dramatic to cut someone off because their hairline dips a little in the front. One of the individuals agreed to compromise if the peak were shaved even (after much deliberation). I guess that’s progress.

  7. No really pronounced (super sharp) canines. Obviously, this person has a fear of being bitten by a vampire and I guess I don’t blame them. However, watching True Blood prepared me for all forms of vampire repellent, so canines don’t bother me. I’m confident in my abilities.

  8. No dad shoes. These are shoes/brands that older dads usually wear and offer NOTHING in the way of style. While I may be a little guilty of this one, I at least can admit that it’s a bit ridiculous. (In my defense, I’m a sneaker head and LOVE a guy that wears STYLISH shoes.) Go ahead and judge me.

  9. No man hips. Apparently, a man with a nice butt is okay, but if he has the saddle bags to match, he has to GO. I mean I admit, that could be a little weird, but it’s yet another thing I’d never given thought until someone brought it up as a deal breaker. (I actually laughed from the gut at this one when I heard it.)

Well, we’ve made it to the end. This is my list of outlandish deal breakers collected from friends, acquaintances, and just random people over the years. Can you add to the list? I’m sure there are several I haven’t heard of but would make great honorable mentions for the list. Share yours in the comments!

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