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4 Types of Men and the Women They're Looking For

Most people have a “type” that they are attracted to (or would ideally like to be with). It’s no secret that certain types are attracted to other types typically. It's like a weird law of attraction. Thus, if you are looking to attract a certain type, it would be wise to know if you fit the typical criteria for what they are looking for. (Disclaimer: This post is all in fun and shouldn’t discourage you for going for what you want either way.) If anything, you can read the criteria and find out who you will potentially attract. Here are 4 types of men and the type of women they are looking for.

The Pretty Boy (aka Rico Suave)

This guy is all about looks! He has to have the best haircut, skin, and outfits. He may be flashy, but it’s not a solid trait with this type. He’s more about looking good physically than commanding attention from being flashy. While he may indulge in the latest designers and things of the sort, he also could be simply dressed, but well groomed. It’s mostly about the grooming for this guy and there’s no surprise when it comes to the woman he’s attracted to.

What’s his type?

The pretty boy goes for the diva (or high maintenance type of woman). She’s the type to get her hair done professionally once a week or at least a few times per month. Her hands and feet are ALWAYS flawless given her solid mani/pedi schedule. The people at the hair/nail salon know her by name. Everything about her screams tropy/arm-candy.

The Bad Boy

So, the name is pretty much self-explanatory, but this guy doesn’t “play by societies rules”. (That’s just a nice way of saying he’s a delinquent.) He’s had run-ins with the law or habitually breaks laws and lives life on edge. He may have drug habits and/or like to gamble. There’s something about all of these characteristics that makes him sexy to more than a handful of women. (Nobody wants to admit they are attracted to this type… I get it, but it’s a thing.)

What’s his type?

Aaahhh. What type of woman would someone like this want? It’s pretty simple. The good girl. They want someone they can either turn bad or someone that is completely different from the life they’ve chosen. It’s almost like they are magnetically attracted to the good girl, but in goods news… the feelings are almost mutual. Of course, there are some good girls that won’t touch a bad boy with a 10ft pole, but bad boys generally appeal to this demographic.

The Young Professional

This guy has gotten into his career and is “banking” rather early in his life. He could be a businessman working in corporate (or Wall Street) or maybe even in the entertainment business. Either way, he’s busy and career-driven. Because of this, he likes a certain type of woman.

What’s his type?

He wants the girl boss type who’s equally busy/occupied. She’s someone who may be an entrepreneur or owns an online boutique. She could also be a career woman who’s advanced pretty rapidly in her own career. She’s occupied and fulfilled AND won’t be needy.

The Mama’s Boy

This guy is almost attached to his mother’s hip! Literally, you would think the umbilical cord was never cut. He constantly calls her for validation and inserts her into his relationship immediately. It’s sweet, but of course, it can also be problematic. The good news is that his close relationship with his mom will most likely imply respect for women. The bad news is that his potential partner would have to “date” his mom. Now who’s the lucky girl that would catch his eye?

What’s his type?

This guy’s type is someone VERY reminiscent of his mom. She can be an older women or just someone with an older mentality. She’s a nurturer (and maybe even a coddler). She's someone who likes to “spoil” her man.

There you have it! These are 4 types of men and the type of women they are attracted to. Not that EVERY type on this list is desirable, but if you’re going for a certain type… you now know if you fit the criteria.

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