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4 Women's Pick-up Lines You Didn't Know You Needed

Men have been perfecting and creating "pick-up lines" since before they were really ready to date. They've had time to create a line for every occasion, type of woman, end-goal, etc. We women are behind the learning curve because we've been viewing pick-up lines as pursuing tactics and “women don’t pursue”. However, pick-up lines, for women, actually aren’t pursuing tactics. They’re just a way of showing that you're open to being pursued. Women's pick-up lines should open the door for communication so that if there's an interest, he takes your alley-oop and dunks it (asks you out). Here are 4 women's pick-up lines for multiple occasions that will get his wheels turning and maybe even a good conversation started.


This one is perfect for any loud setting and it also gives you an excuse to get a little closer. Here's the trick. He doesn't have to say anything to you. As long as he makes eye contact, you can use this one. Mouth the words deliberately and point to your ear (while it’s loud of course). Not only will he wonder what you're talking about. He'll be intrigued to find out why you thought he said something. If you're his type, he's sure to jump on the opportunity for a conversation. The other benefit of this one is if he just dismisses and says he didn't say anything—he wasn't interested, and you didn't set yourself up for a hard rejection. (Just don't keep trying it out around the same club. That'll probably get awkward and weird.)


Keep it platonic. Sexualizing this line will most likely lead to just a hook-up if you aren’t rejected completely. (Some guys are actually turned off by sexually forward women.) If you’re looking for something more serious, fill in the blank with something cute and non-typical like “cook”, “ballroom dance”, etc. Just make sure it’s something totally non-related to what’s going on at the current moment. This line would be good at a pool-party, community meeting, etc. Similar to the first line, you want to introduce intrigue.


This is perfect when you want to find out if he has children without flat-out asking. So what if you’re not a teacher or babysitter? That’s not the point! You can come clean as soon as you get the conversation started by following up with,

“I’m not really a teacher/babysitter… I just wanted to strike up a convo”.

There’s no shame in confessing to the use of a line immediately. Sometimes (maybe even most times) it’s probably pretty cute that you wanted to put in a little effort up front.


If you pick the right topic, this could be perfect! Everybody likes to think (or feel) like they are the expert on some topic. Just make sure not to be stereotypical. If he’s tall, don’t expect him to automatically play or know about basketball. Give him something everybody has general knowledge about and see how in-depth he goes into his answer. This will tell you about his level of interest in you AND it will offer a little insight into his personality. You can ask about popular technology, social media platforms, top car picks, etc.

Now these lines should get you started, but if you haven’t figured out good places where you could put these lines to use, start here. These places are unconventional, but may yield good opportunities to try out your new “lines”. Get some conversations started and potentially connect with your forever mate! Good luck and don’t overuse!

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