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5 Ways to Minimize Relationship Stress Like a Guru

Relationships are stressful. They’re probably one of the top sources of individual stress across the board. Somehow, we keep nose diving into relationships (well some of us). I guess we don’t mind the stress if it’s paired with companionship and love. While that may sound good enough, we don’t have to sacrifice peace of mind to be in a relationship. Relationships don't have to be SUPER stressful at all! There are ways to minimized stress on both partners in the relationships. Check out the list I put together (after a few train wrecks and hiccups) below!

Be upfront about EVERYTHING.

Hiding things from your partner is a job in itself! Don’t stress yourself by coming up with lies and/or trying to out-think you partner. It’s easier and a lot let stressful to be honest about things upfront. While this may occasionally be uncomfortable for one or both of you, it’ll save you the stress of managing reactions on both sides.

Minimize or eliminate contact with people that strain the relationship.

Some people just can’t be avoided or cut-out (like a meddling in-law), but those that can should get the ax quickly. If the person has created points of contention and/or don’t support the relationship, contact with the person should be kept to a minimum to effectively manage the stress/strain they bring. Disapproving in-laws and co-parenting exes are great examples of people included on this list. Finding healthy ways for everyone to co-exist is key here.

Learn your partners triggers and avoid them.

People typically know how to push their partner’s buttons, but if you don’t use that information for good, it means nothing. Learn what triggers you partner and avoid doing/saying those things to minimize stress. It sounds simple… because it kind of is. If everything you do naturally triggers your partner, maybe both of you should rethink the relationship entirely.

Use the “golden rule” in all situations.

This has got to be the “if all else fails” solution. When it doubt, ask yourself if you would like for your partner to do/say whatever it is that you are considering. If the answer is “no”, don’t do it. That will minimize over half the stress in the relationship. However, this is easier said than done because most of us are selfish (we can admit it in our heads). We’d prefer to take the approach where the rules don’t apply to us.

Schedule an unwind session with your partner regularly.

OMG… you don’t know the positive impacts a regularly scheduled unwind session can have on a relationship! This can come in the form of couple’s pedicures, massages, etc. It can also be as simple as just stepping away from everyone else and having a simple night out together. Either way, this time is desperately needed to make sure you guys can unwind after stressful or intense events. This can also be considered somewhat of a reset to make sure the two of you are on the same page.

It’s not hard to keep peace in a relationship if your partner is just as emphatic about it as you are. Maintaining these five easy points will help you reach your goal of a low-stress relationship. (I don’t think ANY relationship is stress-free.) What do you think? Is it possible to have a stress free relationship or should we strive to just minimize the stress levels?

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