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6 Benefits of Being a Single Millennial

I’m tired of people treating being single like it’s some sort of death sentence! Sheesh! It’s not a plague or an unfortunate condition. For some, it’s a transition period that should be used effectively and for others, it’s the life they CHOOSE to live. People are surprised when someone announces that they are single by choice, but being single can actually be fun AND beneficial in the right circumstances. Here’s a list of 6 things you didn’t know were beneficial about being single.

Impromptu travel

You never really think about how much of a privilege it is to travel on a moment’s notice until you have to consider and/or plan for someone else in the situation. Quick 4-day trips start to slow down or take a little more planning than they would if you were just a single person living the wanderlust lifestyle. If you’re single, bask in this ability! (However, if you’re not exactly single, my friend, Miss Airports and Passports, will get your trip planned and booked. …I know her for real and I’m not getting paid to say this.)

Career Flexibility

When you’re single, you can pretty much take a job anywhere they’re offering the most money. This is perfect for individuals that are early in their careers (or just workaholics). Being single gives you the ability to be ALL about your career and get into your desired position before settling down (if settling down is what you desire).

Self-Care Priority

This may sound selfish, but it’s easier to practice self-care when you aren’t constantly pouring into someone else (or considering their needs before your own). I get it. Everybody wants to be a good partner and not a selfish prick, but caring for yourself should never be looked at as secondary to caring for someone else. Being single will teach this lesson easier and create a habit of self-love that may be harder to learn when in a relationship. (I’m not hating… I’m just saying.)

Tribe Maintenance

Us millennials are great at building “tribes” relating to any and every aspect of our lives. As a single millennial, it’s easier to maintain those connections and stay involved in your favorite groups. Life starts to “happen” when you get married and/or have a family and it gets harder to connect with the “tribes” you once always connected with. You start to form family/couple-friendly tribes and things shift. (It’s not a dig at family life. It’s a reality.)

Frequent Invites

Guess what? When people assume you’re lonely (because you’re single), they invite you out more. So what if you’re not lonely? Being single makes others want to include you more. When you’re in the mood to be around family and/or friends, this can be fun and convenient. Capitalize on these frequent invites while you’re single. When you get in a relationship, they’ll start to dry up.

Simple Living

When you’re single, you don’t have to buy a massive house or lease a huge apartment. It’s just you (and maybe some pets). The square footage you don’t need, will save you living expense money. You can comfortably live in a one-bedroom apartment or a smaller home when you’re single. Use this to your advantage (especially in larger cities)! Single life is also the perfect time to try out one of those cute little "tiny houses". (Don't judge me! I really think they're cute!)

There are some pros to every situation you would argue “isn’t ideal”. While some pity single people and assume that they are lonely, others know the benefits of being single as a millennial. This week as we celebrate National Single’s Week, use these 6 benefits to improve your single life experience!

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