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7 Hobbies Single Adults Must Try

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Some people think that single adults live boring and/or lonely lives. [gasp] Guess what? Those people are super off-base. Some singles are living life to the fullest and have mastered finding ways to do just that. If you’re one of the singles that haven’t quite fingered out how to keep yourself occupied in your down time, I’ve compiled a list of 7 fitting hobbies for single adults.


As a single person, you don’t have to worry about making arrangements for other family members or your significant other. You have the freedom to pick up and go while only purchasing tickets/rooms for yourself. Make it a hobby and cover a dream destination or two every year. There are so many amazing places in the world. Why not make it a point to go visit some of them?


I had a period where I picked up scrapbooking for a while. It was actually very relaxing, AND it doesn’t require anybody else. This is something that requires ONLY you and you can shop for cute little trinkets and paper in your free time. (The nerd/homebody in me is smiling in satisfaction at the thought of trinkets and cool scrapbooking paper.) Find a topic and scrapbook away!


So… some people actually make money off of this one. If you’re good at it, you can parlay knitting or crocheting into a side hustle. I’ve seen some of the coolest and most creative designs on Pinterest. This, like scrapbooking, doesn’t require anyone else to do so you can jump right in.


Here’s another relaxing hobby that doesn’t require anyone else. The good news is that you can parlay this into a partner hobby (if need be) in the future. However, while single, it works out too. The single life is a good time to flex your creative muscles drawing or painting. You never know where your newfound hobby can lead you!


It’s pretty obvious that this was/is one of my single person hobbies. (I love writing and mostly the reactions I get from sharing it.) If you’re single and looking for ways to stay busy and entertained, writing may just be your thing! Pick a topic that you can go on and on about and have at it!

Practicing Yoga

While practicing yoga may be good for passing time, it is also good for relaxing you and building full-body strength. Again, this hobby is a good one because you can practice yoga alone and it’s probably best that you do so.


This is probably one of the best hobbies to have—whether you’re single or not. Being single just gives you that much more incentive to go harder on the exercises. Not only will exercising kill time for you as a single person, but it’ll help you get steps closer to building your dream body. How cool is that?

Well… that wraps my short list of hobbies for single people. I’m sure there are tons more, but I’ve definitely given you a few jumping off points. Are there any really cool hobbies that you know of that would be perfect for singles? Let us know!

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