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6 Embarrassing Ways to Tell if You’re Stuck on Your Ex

We’ve all been in denial about an ex at some point, but sometimes our hopes and dreams can go a little too far after the fact. You REALLY wanted it to work and now you’re stuck on coulda woulda shouldas. We’ve all been there. We had to give up perfect families (including children we’d created in our heads). Confession: I literally mourned the loss of a potential child with an ex, once we broke up (borderline crazy, I know). We get just that invested, so it’s only natural to have a hard time letting go. Here are 6 embarrassing ways to tell if you’re stuck on your ex.

You stalk his social media.

God forbid you accidentally like a picture while you’re snooping around on his profile (especially if you’re looking back at year old pictures). This is pretty bad, sad, and embarrassing. Social media has given us this unrestrained snooping ability and those of us that AREN’T done with our exes completely will find ourselves checking in on them via social media.

You won’t delete that text thread.

You may have deleted his number (ask if it’s not stored in your memory) but keeping that text thread shows a level of attachment that may be rather embarrassing. You need to still see his words (good or bad) to have that connection still.

You compare yourself to his new love interest.

This absolutely should NOT matter to you if you are over him. If it does (whether she’s ugly or not), it means that you still care and should definitely let go. Let him be great (or wack) with the new girl and move on.

You try to bump into him.

Stop going places where you KNOW he’s going to be just so you can “accidentally” bump into him. That’s so tired and NOT subtle. He knows you know where he frequents, and he will also know that the meeting was intentional. So what if you look better and you want to through it in his face. The fact that you care that much says you still have a flame burning for him.

You keep in close contact with your mutuals.

Your mutual friends that you met through him are somewhat of a slippery slope. If you’ve made lasting friendships with them, it can be hard to cut them off after a break-up. You may not even see the value in doing so. However, if you’re holding on for the purpose of bumping into him or hearing about him… let it go.

You make him come over for trivial things.

Even if you lived together, after a certain point you have to stop finding reasons to have him come to your house. His hat, t-shirts, old chargers, etc. don’t warrant an invitation to your house. Take them somewhere that’s NOT your house or just throw them out in a purge.

It’s natural to still hold on to your ex (especially after a serious relationship). The problem comes when too much time has passed and you are still trying to hold on to what use to be. Don’t employ these embarrassing methods of holding on to him. Let go and move forward.

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