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6 Ways to Improve Your Dating Energy

A new year is approaching and many of us have already made promises to ourselves that we may or may not keep. A common promise for singles to make is to date more. To say it is one thing, but there are ways to improve your "dating energy" so that you can keep your promise. It's not enough to just say it. You must execute! Here are 6 ways to improve your dating energy and land those dates you deserve in 2019.

Don't subscribe to negative generalizations about men.

All men are NOT the same and they don't ALL cheat. Having that attitude will only attract a cheating clone of your exes. Instead, think of every new man/date as an opportunity to get it right with someone who wants to be in a relationship as much as you do. Think things like "he may be the perfect man for me if I stay open minded". This does not mean give obvious jerks longer to disappoint you, but loosen up and think positive thoughts.

Learn to enjoy people.

This is a hard request for naturally introverted people, but it's worth it. If your energy says you don't enjoy people, you will never appear to be approachable. If you don't look approachable, how will you ever land that date you deserve? There's something new to learn about everybody. Keep this in mind when you're in social settings.

Try new locations.

In this post I list 7 unsuspecting places to meet Mr. Right. Maybe start with visiting these places to meet new people. You have to try something new to get different dating results. Your match could be at any of these locations. Broaden those horizons and you’re sure to date more.

Keep a good date outfit.

If this means you have to shop for date outfits, do it! I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to showing cool date night outfits! Take advantage here. Gather your ideas and go shopping. You don't need to have the excuse that you "have nothing to wear". Eliminate that now. Having a few cute date outfits will actually be motivation to get out there on the dating scene.

Look for opportunities.

The Museum of Discovery in Ft. Lauderdale hosts events for the 21+ crowd, equipped with drinks. (No, I'm not partnering with them. I just think it's a great opportunity to potentially meet new singles.) The nerd in me knows there'll be like-minded people there and an opportunity for good connections. Find events like this near you! There's so much potential!

Put yourself out there.

I'm not saying be a thirst bucket, but let it be known that you're ready to date (or date more). You have not, because you ask not! (At least that's what my aunt used to say to me.) Put it in the atmosphere and watch how you receive new opportunities!

It's more to "dating more" than just saying it. You have to improve your dating energy to actually get those dates your looking for. Use these 6 points as a starting point to kickstart your dating life in the new year!

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