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Your Body Language May Be Repelling Men

What does your body language say about you right this second? Are you slouched on your favorite couch eating ice cream while reading or are you sitting tall on a bar stool in your favorite café? Whatever your position, your body language is speaking for you (to people who may or may not know you). You could be repelling the man of your dreams right now with your posture alone! (Crazy thought, right?) Make sure you’re sending the right message with the 5 tips below.

Power pose before important interactions.

I literally just watched a TED talk on body language and I think I’m an expert. The presenter was very adamant about “power posing” (making your body take up more space while exuding strength, essentially) to train your mind and body to not be overshadowed by others. This can be the difference between a guy approaching you or the larger than life personality next to you. While it may be consoling to say, “if he didn’t approach me, it wasn’t meant to be”… it may not ACTUALLY be the truth. He may not have approached you because your body language screamed socially awkward or anti-social. Before going out, stretch your limbs out as far as they can go and/or strike the Wonder Woman pose. As wonky as it sounds, it really does change your mindset and makes your presence a little bigger.

Detach from your phone.

I’m guilty of my phone being my security blanket in awkward social settings, but if you’re looking to have a meaningful interaction, tuck the phone and scan your surroundings. Someone may just be waiting to make eye contact and strike up a conversation with you. Invite those conversations that you may have never had otherwise by putting your phone away and looking attentive.

When he DOES approach you, point your body toward him.

Imagine being attentive and talking to someone only for them to be showing you a side profile the entire time—or worse their back. While you may be thinking you have to make sure he only see’s your good side, he probably only sees someone who’s borderline rude or not really uninterested based on your body language. Face him and engage. This is understandably harder for some people, but perception is everything. If your body language is saying you’re not that into him, most guys can take a hint.

Give reassuring touches in interaction.

Depending on your positioning, a nice shoulder or hand touch will let him know that you’re interested in what he’s saying (or at a minimum into him). Don’t be too obvious or aggressive with this. It’s best to naturally let it happen as the interaction progresses.


Grimacing and “poker facing it” is NOT the move. (I have Lil Duval’s song stuck in my head right now, but I’ll keep it PC and just say, “Smile!”) Nothing is more inviting than a welcoming smile. Not only will you look more attractive, but you’ll make him feel comfortable approaching you. Everybody wins in that scenario!

Don’t repel your soulmate before he can see your soul! Make a few body language tweaks using these tips before you go into new social settings. You’ll never know who’s eye you may catch. If you catch his eye, however… hopefully, he’s “the one”.

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